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What Program Are You On?

Im curious to know what program everybody is on or is it a custom program made by yourself and also what results everyone is getting?

Waterbury Method, I am 3 weeks in and the results are pretty solid thus far. Just moved on campus this semester, have a meal plan all you can eat and I have been tearing into it, eating everything in sight.

Idk how much of my strength and size gains are from the program or the increase in food intake, in reality its a combo of the two but WM by Chad is a good solid program, love the 10x3 protocols.

Curls and milk

WS4SB…a month and a bit into it. Up 4-5 lbs.

Doing bartl’s program by CT

canine poopy

Starr’s 5x5 intermediate for 6 more weeks. Than if I am happy with my squats and deadlift I will switch CW’s routines starting with Big Boy Basics.

[quote]ZYL281 wrote:
canine poopy[/quote]

Shhhh we don’t want other guys getting big.

[quote]Scott M wrote:
ZYL281 wrote:
canine poopy

Shhhh we don’t want other guys getting big. [/quote]

Scott it’s no use, cookie bulking has already been released to the general public. By this time next month all the “regulars” as we call them will be massive like us, Arghhh.

I am currently on a program i wrote out for olympic lifting. I was on a upper/lower split previously then moved on to the current one. I am sitting at 198lbs still trying to get over 200. I am getting stronger and have increased my vertical by 1.5 inches.