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What Program are You All Using?

Title says it all really, what programmes are people using I was curious as there is lots of different ones on here and lots of different advise.

I was really interested in pure hypertrophy ones people have had success with. I’m a 33yr old intermediate lifter with a fair few injuries from playing rugby.

Just interested all.

I’m doing my own thing right now, as soon as I get tired of that I really want to try Building The Monolith

Running my own programming right now, but came off of Jon Andersen’s “Deep Water” program. Definitely the best program I’ve ever run for hypertrophy.

Second to that is Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 Building the Monolith. Another fantastic program, great for hypertrophy.

After that, 5/3/1 BBB is a solid choice. Jim released BBB Beefcake on his blog, and it looks awesome.

After that, I enjoyed DoggCrapp. Solid program, but requires a lot of equipment to run for a long time.

After that, Super Squats/20 Rep Squats is always an effective approach.


Right now I’m doing 5/3/1 building The Monolith, after it I think I’ll dive into the 5/3/1 Boring But Strong challenge.

Running conjugate now

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I’m doing the “The regular guy off-season for Strength” program with a few minor modifications, and rotating my main lifts every 3-4 weeks.

Really enjoying this program, although need to be aware of the limitations of linear progression and need to remember to program deloads.


Currently doing Ryan Fischer’s HIIB 100
I recommend it if you have training ADD and a decent gas tank

I’m currently doing Dan John’s minimalist program, which is two days a week. I love the simplicity of his workouts, and I add weight vest work and kettlebell work for a total of four weekly workouts.

Before that I did 531 Building a Bigger Yoke. I really liked this one.

Before that, I did CT’s “The two exercise workout plan”. This is a 4 week program based on bench press and zercher squat.

Before that was doing some version of 531 or a Dan John program.

Greg Panora’s training system. Quite similar to 5th Set, some elements of Cube as well.

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I’m doing a PPL program using Matt Krocs bench, dead lift and squat programs. Not far enough in to comment. But they are taxing from the word go.

Before this I used a few 531 variations which are always good.
Started weight training with Strong lifts and starting strength. Both of which get a hard time in here, but both of which I’d recommend.

Using a CT hypertrophy program and having very good results in size and strength despite lots of life stress.

Squat day/ Bench day/ Hip hinge day/ Cardio - abs day/ Overhead press day/ Pulling day

Thanks for all the responses so far. Id used 5x5 and then 5/3/1 but with a last spate of back injuries I don’t squat and deadlift any more and a lot of programmes are based on them.

Lately I’d been doing an upper/ lower 4 days a week which I have been seeing results with (over the last 6 months) but as there’s a lot in the sessions I feel so drained afterwards and areas like my arms and shoulders arnt as big (as there’s less isolation work in the upper/ lower).

All my friends who lift are powerlifters so I don’t know anyone big to get a good programme off to add some more mass.

What back injury do you have?
Years of rugby has me buckled but with smart training and a bit of being sensible I find it manageable.

They can’t be very good powerlifters if they don’t know how to add size.

Upper/lower can work just fine. Eat with a purpose and focus on feeling your muscles when you do your assistance work. You’ll see results.

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I fractured my hip (which started my back problems) and then crushed two disks in my lower back. I did around 5 years of physio to get back to being normal.

I do RDL & jack squats which don’t seem to bother me but I have really poor flexibility in my thoracic spine (so the physios have said) so tend to squat poorly if I try with a bar.

My powerlifting friends all have weight classes and all their programmes focus on Bench, Squats & Dead’s.

Just looking for what people have had success with, as I workout 4 days I could do a PPL 4 times a week (so hot each area 1.5 times a week with a bit more volume), a different upper/ lower as my current one needs to go or a traditional bro split (but the consensus on this forum is to hit muscles more often).

Every program I mentioned will fit in a 4 day a week approach.

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You don’t have to squat or do any particular movement unless you compete.

I’m doing my own thing but it’s based off of stuff I learned from CT’s Best Damn Program for Naturals, The Tried and True Bodybuilding Template, and the recent discussion in Paul’s thread.

Four days a week is plenty of time.

If your worried about the safety of any movements definitely don’t do it. As a tall guy I have had issues with my low back. What has helped me when it flairs up is single leg work, core training as well as back raises. I move into high rep goblet squats as things progress.

As for my program, currently running a 4 day body part split. Main focus is bench press. Currently running Matt Kroc’s program for bench.

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As I get older and more experienced (29 years old), I slowly drift away from the splits and more towards full body. I also ditched the powerlifts for more athletic lifts. Training to failure or near 95% every workout is also a no-no.

I stumbled upon Tactical Barbell about 6 months ago and while I dont follow the exact splits (I did for 4 months) I abide by the principles. What I do is a mix of that and a lot of Ross Enamits philosophy.

3 strength workouts per week; brief (20-30 mins) (Weighted Chin Ups + Clean and Jerk)
2 cardio workouts (boxing)
2 SE workouts (strength endurance circuits; KB swings, push ups, pull ups, slams)
2 Prehab workouts (grips, core, lower back, rotator cuffs)

The point is to be explosive and strong (most people are just strong), and be able to replicate that explosiveness over a long period of time, not just once then gas out.

A typical week might look like this:

Day 1: Strength + SE
Day 2: Boxing + Prehab
Day 3: Strength
Day 4: SE + Boxing
Day 5: Prehab
Day 6: Strength
Day 7: OFF

It allows flexibility with my workouts, basically I can do Strength + SE + Boxing in one day if I have a day off mid week and then have 2 days off because Im on 12 hours shifts, etc.


An amazing program

I’ve got a base building log on here. Feel free to have a look!