What Program After EDT?

Hi, my current goal is fatloss.

I’ve done EDT style training for about 5 weeks now and I was wondering for those who tried EDT before, what type of training did you switch on after that? I guess it would be a strenght focus program but which one on T-Nation?

Any suggestions?


Depends on your goals. Use a program to fit them be it more EDT or something different. I have been doing EDT 10 weeks and am starting another training cycle of it in a few days. I just take a wekk every three to drop the volume a bit and do something different.

Hope that helps,

Hey phil, thanks for the reply.

Starting this sunday, I will be in the 5th week on my EDT program. (I was still able to beat my numbers for last sessions)

  • Can you stay on the same EDT program till you are not able to beat your scores?
    (that would be my last week)

  • After that I was thinking about doing 1 week of exercices in the 3x 10-12 reps range in order to back-off a little bit from high-volume training and start a high intensity program after that.

What do you think?

By the way, my current goal is fat-loss (as I mentionned in my first post)

Yes, if you are liking EDT and still progressing then I say stick with it. I would simply vary it a bit every few weeks. By chjanging excersizes, grip width etc. Just a slight change is enough or new excersizes as a whole.

I am finding that three training weeks (Which are 8 days long for me) and then a week of more traditional rep schemes and lower volume is awesome. This is what Charles had recomended I try.

My thread may help out a bit. “My EDT Critique” here in the BBB forum.

Short answer though. Yes if you are progressing and still enjoying the w/o’s why change. I make a switch when I begin to stagnate either in physical progression or mental boredom.

Hope that helps,

By progressing, I mean i’m still able to beat all my scores by at least 1 to 3 reps and on some exercises I still beat them by 10 reps. Except on the bench press which is the only exercice where I started to stagnate a little bit. (I lost some strengh on it)

I’m still increasing the volume in each workout for the other PR ZONES and exercises.

So maybe it would be ok to stay on it for another last week.

and do a backoff week after that.

Thats the idea. To progress on EDT be it 1 rep or 10. as long as you are making progress its GOOD.

Though I suggest taking the brerak week PRE stagnation. After three hard training weeks I am still making great progress, though I am starting to feel a bit beat up. Could I progress another week?? Sure I know I could but that is not always best. EDT is all about QUALITY not simply quantity. Its is about liftinmg as much as possible, as many times as possible, as FRESH as possible.

I am finding by breaking at the three week point, while still knowing I could progress, I am able to come back and give it my ALL another three weeks.

Now the back off week to me doesnt mean you dont train hard hell no I still Bust A$%. It is simply a drop in the volume. Keeping the load high. etc. Doing things I havent the past few weeks, ETC.

For instance this time I opted for three total body workouts. I just went in and would do 3-5 sets in the 10-3 rep range. with the last two sets being VERY heavy. I did say One Big pull movement, one big leg movement, and one big push. Then after that I just had fun. did a mirad of things. what ever the hell I wanted. Toady that was a lot of core work and some O-Lifting.

I am ready to roll on my next EDT session and will be starting it this week.

Does that help??

I would suggest from the sounds of take a little break and come back for more.


Oh! Thanks a lot Phill that helped me a lot.

After what you’ve said, I thought a little bit about this and I decided to quit EDT for now since I don’t think I’ll be able to hit another week with the same excitement, pleasure and hope better results. I’m pretty sure I would be able to beat my scores for some exercices but maybe not each one.

So, I was thinking about doing the same think you mentionned : starting a cycle of
total body training 3 times a week and decrease de volume. After that I think I will start a new program for pure strenght.

Would you mind posting or PM the Total body workout 3 times a week that you used? I need some training program structure ideas. I looked at the TBT program by CW but I don’t want to start that kind of program for now (too much demanding for me for the moment) and I just need a 2-3 weeks transition program.

Thanks again for your help buddy.


Sounds good and like you now have a solid plan. No need to ever stagnate when you can prevent it and learn to recognize it before hand.

As for the Total body w/o’s I do during the so called down weeks. Pretty simple but effective.

I simply go to the gym knowing I will do a full body w/o. If I feel like going heavy 3 reps or less I go heavy if that day feels like a lighter day I go for more reps or I may pyramid up over a few sets. I just change it day to day. Keep it fresh do what feels FUN and effective that day.

As for exercises I always begin and base my w/o off of three big movements, 1 push, 1 pull, 1 legs. I do those and then fill in the rest of my w/o as I see fit. What ever I feel like giving grerater concentration that day. I usually still mix it up but one area will get some more emphasis.

Examples. yesterday I started my w/o with Dead lifts. Then did clean and presses, Followed that up with Bent over rows. I did then all in this rep scheme. 6 sets moving up in weight reps of 10,8,5,3,3,3. So it was a fairly heavy day as for load and volume was minimal. I then followed this with a lot of core work, abs and low back due to me not giving them much attention in my last w/o. Couple that with a set or two of whatever felt right of various movments. The deal is you get an effective w/o with the first three excersizes then the add ons are just a plus. I use these days just to experiment. Do things I usually wouldnt. Or practice skills like O-lifting, What ever.

The w/o day beofre this one I started with Front squats, chins, and bench press. The rep scheme was 4x8. Then this day I did a LOT of concentration on my quads and pressing.

The day previous was much the same with three big moves and then more of a concentration on pulling.

Does That help??

If not or you want more explaination or what not feel free to PM me.

Have Fun,


Thanks a lot for all the infos you gave me on your total body workout plan. That will be very usefull.

Still have some more questions though…

How many days per week do you train during this period? It looks much more than 3 days per week…so do you think that It is possible to do an effective 3 days a week based on that kind of training plan?

Also, do you pre-determine or calculate the total sets or reps of each training sessions?

Thanks again for help.


I do it three days. then give my self two day Off before kicking backl into EDT again.

No I dont calculate any reps etc. these weeks are to rest a bit both mentally and physically.

Yes it can and is effective 3 days a week.

Does that help??