What Pre-Workout Should I Get?

Hey guys I’m wondering what pre-workout would be ideal for me. I very rarely have any caffeine, so I expect my tolerance will be low. I also am only 16, so I want to avoid becoming a stim junkie. I intend on only using pre-workout once or at the very most twice in a month. Most of the time I will be taking it around once every two months I suspect. I am into mainly power lifting style training, so feeling energized and focused is important for me. I don’t particularly care if the pre-workout gives me a pump.

I would also rather have something with under 200mg of caffeine for a few reasons. The maximum recommended daily intake for kids my age (according to the Canadian government) is 2.5mg/kg bodyweight. I weigh 155lbs, putting my recommended limit around 180mg. Also, as I mentioned I probably have a low caffeine tolerance. I suspect a pre-workout that gives me the jitters (although not uncontrollable jitters) would likely have a great mental benefit to me, as I would feel overloaded with energy even if it isn’t the best pre workout. I heard that beta alanine and possibly niacin can be responsible for this effect, but I’m not sure.

Also, I feel like it is worth asking if you think a 16 year old should ever have pre workout. I see tons of people at my high school drinking energy drinks with 160mg of caffeine not even to work out. I would consider energy drinks in place of pre workouts, but carbonated drinks sometimes make me gassy which isnt ideal for squats (lollll). I’ve taken a look at Optimum Nutrition’s gold standard preworkout, and am considering it as it has 175mg of caffine, 1.5mg of beta alanine, and 20mg of niacin. Anyways let me know your opinions I’m open to ideas and suggestions.

I applaud you for adding the part where you ask if 16 year olds should have preworkout. They shouldn’t. Save the preworkouts for later in life. There are much better things to spend money on at your age. You have more energy than you’ll ever have again in your life at this stage, so there’s just no purpose in loading up on that stuff. Saying you’ll take it ‘once every two months’ is nice, but it’s not gonna happen that way. Keep up the good work otherwise.


Drink a can of diet soda.


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If your plans after high school include college, I suggest acquiring a taste for shitty coffee like instant, gas station, or Keurig tier. Now that I think about it, drip coffee in general is trash.

Don’t go too fancy or you’ll spoil yourself and have to get your own espresso machine.


I wasn’t taking anything at 16 and even at 23 i don’t take preworkout and i hit 300+ on bench 600 on dl and 500+ squat…i don’t know why so much people raise their money, just take a fucking black coffee if u really need it


Sounds like everyone thinks I shouldn’t get it. Thanks for the feedback. I guess I’m falling for the marketing and reccomndations from athletes lol.

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You mean paid testimonials?


Are they really payed to say they like he products? I guess it makes sense kind of. That sounds pretty fucked up

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Hate to shatter your world view but advertising and marketing are literally fueled by deception and manipulation.

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Another one in for no pre workout.

I took my first scoop at 19, loved the stimulation. Finally after several years on and off I stopped all together and SURPRISE my numbers didn’t go down, my workouts didnt get longer, and I kept a cool 40-60 bucks in my pocket every month.

I keep preworkout at the house, just for the occasion (12 hour workdays, etc) but it’s not something I would waste the money on if I couldn’t.

Double down on food, whey, and creatine if you so choose.

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I think there’s some legal thing where they have to take the product, but if somebody offered you $10,000 to say “ACME Protein is the best protein I’ve ever had” and you actually had to drink it camera, what would you do?

I think there was a UFC fighter who pretended to drink out of a closed can after his fight.

thats it nothing to add

Or to take it a step farther, review this product on your YouTube channel and review a new one each month for a year. You get $1,000 per product and 15% profit every time a fan uses your discount code. If you give only positive reviews this first year we will extend the contract and give you $5,000 per product, otherwise we will end the contract. And considering there’s not much money to be made in “youtube fitness”. I guess the main options are supplement sponsors, opening your own supplement company, online coaching, and maybe t-shirts. Seems like a pretty shitty situation to be in for the athletes trying to make a living on social media.

I think YouTube earnings are generally overexaggerated. Social media should be the platform, not the business.

you’re seriously not familiar with paid endorsements?

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are you familiar with the youtube channels where adults play with toys and talk about them? And make millions from it? It’s insane. These annoying mother fuckers with stupid voices and laughs play with toys. They ‘review’ the toys or create scenes with them. And they get millions of view a day that translate to millions in the bank. Toy review channels are a big chunk of the top 10 channels viewed every year.

Watch 1 or 2 videos from ‘cookie swirl c’. Try not to have a gun or knife nearby when you watch, as you will be tempted to kill yourself asap.

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I gathered up all of my guns and watched a cookie swirl c video. Not impressed. Spaceballs did it better.

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I love these

My kid loves these. His entire feed is populated with different channels of them.

yea, mine too. I hate it.