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Hi, I need some advice.I am a dedicated female bodybuilder.
I am having breast augmentation on Oct.12th and need to know what supplements I should avoid before my surgery. I want to continue my training up until the day of surgery. I am currently using creatine, protein(without vit.E)udos choice(essential fatty acids) and glutamine. Pp until saturday I was using MD-6.
Can I continue to use the creatine, protein, and udos? And can I use L-carnitine, or triac? How about after surgery? When can I get back on Md-6?
thanx for your help!

Cut out the MD-6 at least one week before
surgery and resume it a week post.

You can stay on the rest of the stuff.
Avoid any aspirin containing compounds
(like white willow bark) or oral NSAIDs for
a good week before the surgery.

No prohormones either!!!

–Brock Strasser

I would also cut out the udo’s choice. It has been should to reduce clotting of the blood. You definitley don’t want to bleed to death on the table. Not that would probably happen. Most likely you would lose a lot of blood. I would stay away from all supplements a week before surgery just in case. Glutamine would definitely help post-surgery though. Stay away from ginko biloba containing supplements also. You really should ask your doctor these questions!

I don’t mean to invade your privacy, but I think you should send in some before and after photos for the t-men to look at. I’m sure that many of us would consider ourselves breast experts, and we we be happy to let you know if you got your money’s worth. You owe it to yourself to know the truth, and we’d be happy to help.

Stay off all your bodybuilding supplements until your back to training again. To avoid too much catabolism ehile you’re not training, consume 10-20 grams of glutamine a day. EFAs are fine, ask your doctor about what you should avoid prior to surgery.

I agree with Brock and not these other guys. I started laughing reading the other replies. It reminds me of the guys at the gym that try and show a “female” how to lift. I am a personal trainer and I have even had guys tell my female clients, in front of me, that they would train them for free. My female clients have always been “too funny”, telling the guy, that she hired me because “he knows what he is doing”.

Anyway, Udo’s if fine, I think that post was intended for flax, not Udos, which is a blend of fats. I agree on stopping MD6 or any product containing asprin/white willow bark. Other than that, keep it up. Your nutrition is most important pre and post surgery.

I agreed with Brock also. I just stated that the EFA’s, specifically ALA (Omega-3), caused thinning of the blood and reduced clotting. After talking to my doctor I would not advise using it pre-op. It makes no difference whether the fats are mixed or not, you’ll still have reduced clotting.

Brock mentioned no pro-hormones can i assume that mean no real hormones either, for how long and why?

Safest bet: Ask your doctor. Show him/her what you are taking, so he/she can look over the ingedients and determine if there are any potential problems.

AAS or the prohormones cause an increase in blood volume. This is the reason for the great pumps people get in the gym and the feeling of fullness all over. The problem is that clotting time is reduced and much blood will be lost. D-bol nose, someone stop me if I’m wrong here, is a term coined from it’s use causing high blood pressure and reduced clotting resulting in many nose bleeds. I’m not sure if Brock’s comment was aimed at the androgenic/anabolic prohormones or at triac specifically. I believe he means both.