What Powerlifting Means To Me

I was sitting about 6 feet away from rack, and from where I was sitting you could see him framed on the other side off the red ER IPF rack by 320kg worth of red Leoko 25kg plates. His 45 year old 100kg lifetime drug free body sat there in complete silence, mind focused on the task ahead.

On his right was a belt and and chalk, at his feet were his wraps rolled up and ready for action, as was his tradition. He let out a roar as he began to wrap up and with that things just kicked off. Within seconds everyone was shouting at him, “world champ” rang around the gym several times. As he pulled him self off the bench and had his straps of his Titan NXG super+ suit pulled up the intensity just went to the next level.

He dragged himself under the bar, his complaints of earlier about feeling stiff were a distant memory now. He took his wide grip as he eased the bar onto the shelf on his upper back. He unracked it with a grunt and took a step back.

First rep, BOOM, got his depth and exploded up. Second rep, deeper than the first and driven up even easier. He racks the bar, unclips his belt and rests all his weight on his outstretched arms over the bar which is straining from the weight it’s carrying.

Through his now blood red eyes you can see a man with unwavering confidence in his abilities. He has a small smile to accompy the look of utter exhaustion on his face. And it’s at that moment you realise, he’s been fighting all his life for this moment. Nothing can ever take away those reps from him.

As he bends down and undo’s his wraps you can tell exactly what he’s thinking; “It’s all been worth it”. Tomorrow his face will be covered in burst blood vessels and he’ll be stiff as heck. But the battles over. Now all he has to do is step onto the platform and dominate.

Today’s one of those days that I’ll never forget. And I don’t give a shit what anyone says, moments like this transcend raw vs equipped, tested vs untested feds, single vs double ply. This is what powerlifting is all about. Struggling under bone crushing weight fighting for your life.

I’m jsut glas I was there to experience it.

There are three things in my life that have given me the experience of time expansion, total physical awareness, and complete focus on challenge at hand. They are

  1. Running under kickoffs in HS football.
  2. Flying at night in harms way.
  3. Lifting in a powerlifting meet, especially the squat portion.

Yes you wake up sore and hurting very often, and there are disappointing days, and enough internet tough guys, fed/gear/drug debates, and judging issues to frustrate and annoy you to the point of homicidal rages.

But when you are about to, as the Great Terry Todd wrote, walk in the place with no footsteps, trying a new PR, the feeling is overwhelming.

When you those white lights comee on, you understand the connection between hard work and success.

And you want more of it.

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cool post hanley, seen the vid on youtube, was motovating stuff.

For me it’s this: spending thousands of hours of my life in training, thousands of dollars in equipment, dues, etc., daydreaming about lifting, planning, hoping, occasionally getting hurt, missing easy-ass lifts in a meet that I got in training and being pissed about it, retarded judging- all just to be a fair-to-midling intermediate local competitor in a sport that almost nobody gives a fuck about. I love this stuff. Beats golf anyway.

Well said.