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What Physique Would You Like for Yourself?


If God came to you and offered to transform your body into whatever physique you wanted, anyone at all, and even said that your physique will be as strong, even stronger than it looks, how would your physique be?

Mine would be the above link... I mean seriously, I don't care about conventional attractiveness, and too many modern bodybuilders only look good during competition and in-season.

If it was me, I'd ask God to give me the above physique and the ability to squat 3,000 pounds and bench 2,000 pounds, both raw of course. And I'd ask him that I will never lose my strength and looks until I die of old age...

Also, to add to the fear-factor, I'd like to be seven feet tall. lol


18 year old Jennifer Love Hewitt, hands down. I would never leave my bed room.


I'd be fine with a modest big three total of about 1,400lbs if I looked like this.


Antoine Vaillant


I'd want a physique like Lazar Angelov, but at 6'2". I'd keep my face except for a few minor changes (make ears stick out slightly less, get rid of the uglier facial scars - though totally keep some scars because a fair number of women seem to really like them for some perverse reason) because I'm generally quite happy with my facial aesthetics and also I think it'd be weird to look in the mirror and see someone else staring back at me. Basically, I'd want a body that's as pretty as possible while keeping it still "me".

Strength-wise, I'd like to be strong enough to set a few legendary records in strength sports, but not strong enough for me to spend my life as a scientific curiosity.


^Same. 6'5" version with proportions of Frank Zane. Huge, but not quite freakshow big.


Well, you guys are no fun.


Most overrated physique.




Get out of my shit.


Hell I'd take the 35 year old version. But why stay in your bedroom with that physique when you could leave the house with this one?


Frank Zane at 72:

Not my first choice, but he deserves a lot respect.


Lol, can Ol Ron even get it up anymore? The stories that monster could tell...




She is so hot...


No Jessica Biel love?


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Oh she's hot too. No doubt.


Perhaps a chart is in order.

I am somewhere between "athletic" and "built" on this chart, having given up attempting to get to actual "bodybuilder." Just too damn lanky.


Open question:

If you were turned into a woman for a week (man in the case of women reading this), would you bang a dude just to know what it was like?