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What Physique Women Like


Almost all women I interview say they like the lightbulb shape instead of the full body thick look. I think this sucks as I have worked to develop a thick whole body look. What do the women in your life say???



Someone on this forum put it best: "If you lift weights just to get pussy you are a pussy."


Huh? Women like chicken legs? Somehow I find this rather hard to believe.

somehow "full body thick look" sounds like " >20% b.f. perpetual bulk fat boy" to me.

Please flesh this out so you don't get flamed to high heaven by some of the more unforgiving forum members.



The "women" in my life say I'm too muscular, but they like my abs.

The WOMAN, in my life, however, likes all my muscles, hence her being my woman.

Either way, I'd be willing to bet that most guys on this site are striving to be more muscular than what the "average" woman prefers.

However, even being far more muscular than what most women prefer, I still receive lots of compliments from women on my abs, butt, arms and shoulders.

You won't find too many women who appreciate a muscular physique by T-Nation standards, but that's okay, because the ones that do are fucking awesome, from my experience...


"Lightbulb" would be like bench press 300 pounds, squat 250.

Full body thick is like bench press 350 squat 600.

In popular culture I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of women found a guy who can bench 350 and squat 600 "too thick," but I would be surprised if they found the 300/250 guy more appealing.

The bottom line is that you're ridiculously out of proportion if you're the 300/250 guy, and that sucks no matter who you ask.


Who gives a rats ass what they want. If you're too big and would actually consider losing muscle for ass then why lift at all?

"I fight for me. For me" -Ivan Drago


Clealry the vast majority of women prefer the classic male physique - balding, turning grey, and a bit too much around the mid section (a beer muscle). These are the basics and can be achieved in a few years of improper diet and no exercise. The elite will grow a hairy back side, add a few strategically placed blemishes, and avoid any hint of a tan. Bingo man they'll be all over you.


Exactly...the further away we get over and beyond Brad Pitt's skinny ass with cut abs, we are really creating a more undesierable type of body to the average woman.

Sad but true, but I don't really care. I want to intimidate all the boys that will want to date my girls....that will create fear...especially when we have the 'talk".!!!! I figure I gave a good 10 years of bulking to go.


It's the wallet, the face, the package and the body, in that order. If you have only the first, the women will surely follow. If you lack the second, your shit out of luck (if you don't have the money). You won't have as much fun in life without the final two (even with the first two).


Wholeheartedly agree with both of you.

When I hear women say, "Your traps are gross!" I know I'm headed in the right direction


I am learning that wallet trumps all...or at least the anticipation of a large wallet in the near future. You can do whatever the hell you want to do with your body if you have the finances.


I have a good friend who is ok looking but has a very nice body. He wresles 184 so he has pretty big muscles and no fat. He told me one time that he worked so hard on his body because one time his sister told him he was ugly. He thought that if he couldn't have a good face then he was going to get the best body possible.

I think it all depends on the girl. Its easy to get discouraged by those good looking girls who go home with the alcoholic losers every night. You see those guys who go out every night and somehow they take home girls, even though they don't have good bodies.

Then you have the girls who like the guys who obviously only work their chest and arms, and have no ass or legs. Sure they look good in a collared shirt and jeans, but I'm guessing those birdie builders don't look so great in swimming trunks.

Then there are the girls who like the look of big arms and sholders, big legs, and a medicore stomach. They don't really care how cut you are, as long as your muscles are big.

There you have it, pick which ever one you want to do!


I'm gonna agree with all of that.


Excellent qoute!


The common denominator among the women in my life is a preference for a lean, "fit" physique (i.e. low bodyfat percentage). The quantity of muscle mass, and its distribution, seem to be of secondary importance and there is less consensus on these points. (Except that they all like great buns.)

So get stronger for yourself, and get leaner for the babes.


Yes, but not anyone you'd want to be with longterm. Having a lot of money's definitely good for banging hot chicks. But I would not want to be in a relationship with any woman whose first priority is money. Wanting stability and a guy who's in a solid career is different than placing money above all else. And there are hot chicks to whom money is not the most important thing. There are just a lot less of them.


Anticipation of a large wallet... Women will go for educated and intelligent men, even without the immediate money reward. :slightly_smiling:

At least up until about age 40, whereby most people are at the tail end of child-bearing and the beginning of serious retirement planning. A good sustenance has by then become a definite concern.


Let it be known that this cat knows his shit. I just got out of a yr+ relationship [with a 1 week break]cause of "my lack of drive". I can get pussy pretty easily because of my looks and body. I can't keep a girl for more than a few months at a time cause of my knuckleheadedness. And I can't seem to be faithful.....


I have heard this discussed time and time again. I have had the discussion time and time again.

And ultimately I find the same thing both men and women ultimately like who they like regardless of the physique.

Although I feel in shape and with muscle has an edge. Never knew anyone in shape who didn't have a significant other or several for that matter.

I have known and dated women who have said I think the whole bodybuilding thing is ugly its to much.

I have known women who laugh and dis smaller underdeveloped guys in favor of the muscled jock.

I have known women who have laughed in the face of Hercules Incarnate and gone after and married the skinny guy at the gas station.

I have known both men and women who constantly have talked about belittled and insulted obese people then wound up married or dating the proverbial fat dude/ or fat chick.

I have seen people belittle the hadicapped but fall in love with someone in a wheel chair.

So while I beleive people have parameters for what they find attractive they often change their veiw when the variables come into play.

I question sometimes though if they are being true in the first place.

I am sure sometimes its the curiosity factor IE I wander what he/she is like in bed or something to that affect but very often these relationships last quite a while if not forever.

Having said that In general I just don't think its that easy to judge what people like for the reason that no one ever winds up with any one who isn't attracted to them. (Not counting those that are getting used of course)


Well...I ain't scared but seems to me looks and confidence kinda go hand in hand. Confidence does improve when you get yourself looking better. The same goes with women!