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What PH to Run with Test C?

i have phera-plex , halocore and bouldermeth stack available- ive heard only use an anll know for results abolic during test C cycle to avoid huge sides aromatization gyno exc. is this true and if so what is the strongest most well known PH thats anabolic that is out there (superdrol ng) or something else i know superdrol is both andro and anabolic?? fill me in on this shit fellas???

What you want to do, while having testosterone cypionate on the plate and being able, having that amount, I would think to order more, is to instead ask what shit you can put on your plate as side items.

Dog shit? Cat shit? Chicken shit?

Your choice.


Wow there’s a thought.

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That’s too funny…

I get the feeling he has no PCT.

I also get the feeling that he found this bottle or some shit.


Chicken shit, dog shit!!! lmao! I hope Bill doesn’t burn out guys. Much like Rainjack in Ragnarok, Bill might just return to Olympia and never return again. To the OP, no PCT posted, no thoughts behind your decision to run PH with test C, no sense of deep thinking really. I don’t think this post will be salvageable. You’ve angered BR. Only an sacrificial offering of great value will redeem yourself. Cheerio


[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Dang, even the normally placid Bill has started to lose patience with the idiots :wink:

Can anyone see the four horsemen from where they are sitting?


I thought I saw a green skinny horse pass me on the freeway,.and there was some dude bringing up the rear

would this be one of them?

actually ive been weight training for a total of 6 months and prolly look better than everyone of you clowns already w-out any actual juice. i apologize if i have recently had these results after being a 3 sport all wny athlete and playing two in college. i ruined my arm-shoulder pitching. thats a real sport fellas!!!

what did you do? went to the gym ddduuuuhhh im a fuckin asshole to anyone who doesnt study juice info and have the time to sit on my pc wacking off all day hoping my delts Grow!!

no i do not know exactly what i am doing as i own and operate my own busines construction- thats 10 hrs then gym for two. the guys at the gym doing the “mr buffalo” i already look better than, more vcascular, harder more cut exc. i was a top notch athlete at everything ive ever even tried.

my mothers brothers were both bodybuilders one was actually a powerlifter (504lbs no juice ever) my fathers side has guys who used to do acrobatic shows in san fransisco in the 30"s it was pretty cool like “muscle man” shows of strenth type of shit- anyways i went off track for a few years and got into dope actually. when i got sober i turned my attention to the weights purely for the health benifits of lifting. that was august 6th. i am now in better shape thyan almost all the dudes going into the mr buffalo except this one dude named dave, hes just a cartoon which i am not.

ok the point- so i d PH"s in dec-jan to now and had some great results but plateued rather quickly. now the “guy” who i am going through for my test C is a guy who has been involved for well over a decade.

he was not PRO but who is he was crazy looking , i became friends with him months ago when he started coming up to me and asking when i was doing a show" umm never show what show?" lol-

anyways this dude became a friend and i decided to do a “safe” cycle lol, after i reserached trying to get answers from these dudes who think they are soo sweet cause they know alot about roids. well guess what you didnt once either.

but this friend of mine knows exactly prolly more than you dudes do about this shit as he has been in comps since he was 22 and is now 32 has switched to powerlifting and benches 425

so i know for sure i have this guy to guide me. but he is all about AAS not PH"s – i cant get HCG here, so my PCT is kind of undecided as the clomid makes you chik like i dont like that idea really_ i could use suggestions.

my goal is to try an counter act any of the bloating and roundness the cyp may cause- “he” tells me it wont do that to me cause of the way i already am.

i crush 5-7k cals daily 300 prot and stay between 175-180 lbs and am 5% BF- i want to use a PH to try and keep me as close to this BF as possible. i would like to look good for summer as i have done so much work to get so cut i would like to show it off some.

the Q is - should i take an anabolic PH as to not be androgenic adding to the sides possibly- or should i not use any PH during the cycle and then start right into a stack of superdrol during my PCT for AAS-

my thoughts behind useing a PH _ to keep my gains non bloated ones- to try and stay as hard as possible not only through cycle but after.

i dont care about if you think your cool cause you know alot about steroids- your talking to someone who was on dope for 3 years - i can get and have gotten drugs you never seen buddy(comment about where i got it)

250 mg of test C a week as to see m y reaction to juice maybe up it last half

all supporting supps are in order

am taking something called halocore thats an anabolic PH

i weigh 180 lbs today 182 lbs
am 4-5% BF _
i was 4.25 in december but think i have put on a lil bit

cant get HCG- would like a seasoned user to lay out the exact plan i should go with- for my first cycle of tesct c or anything AAS- need opinions on which PCT to use? can i actually order that shit online and get the real deal also-

I have never tried as not needing to and or wanted to get ripped- please tell me what i need to do to stay cut on this cycle thankyou- normal dudes only please- ps i have two masters d so i am smarter than you idiots tellin me im stupidegrees

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At first I thought this just has to be a joke, then after reading one inane rambling after another back to back I belive this Jack off is actually serious. If nothing else this added quite the entertainment to my morning.

You ought to start a career in fiction writing. Your tales are actually quite entertaining. With a little editing to clean up your sloppy prose, this could be a very lucrative.

Imagine the day that anyone here actually cared what someone like you had to say…

You sure are one of the special ones.

I tried to care, really I did, but I can’t figure out what the fuck he is saying in half of his ramblings.

oo you fuckin idiots must have forgotten that i asked a normal question and got a response from you people like a bunch of assholes forgot eh? also i was pointing out that yes i was a herion add thaict for 3 yearsts what dope is, as pointing that out to you to compare how stupid you sound talking about roids like a “know-it-all” because i am not abreast on the topic the way you are.

you idiots actually typed back that me saying i was on dope doesnt impress you LOL thats the point wow!!! and bone this was all in response to them telling me what an idiot i was for asking a simple question. and yes i am educated sorry bro nice shades!!!

bushido boy theres a pic of me pre anything period, hows that your description sounds pretty accurate now dont it buddy?