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What Other Supplements on PCT ?


last few days have been really unfortunate.. anyways moving on..

what other supps do you take during PCT to hasten recovery ?

i have heard Vitamin E at 500iu to 1000 iu helps
and also DAA d aspartic acid 2-4g

and any tips on removing stretch marks ?


Syrup of ipecac




Stretch marks, time. Supplement list: vitamin D, zinc, mag, b complex vitamin, calcium (lactate or normal), d aspartic acid, creatine and preworkout to help maintain muscle and lift heavier (encouraging more sex hormones), sprinting, sex, 3g fish oil for joints, heart, and EFAs which fats and carbs are essential for recovery. Multivitamin (with vitamin e), glutamine cant hurt but wont improve hormone profile. You can do horny goat weed or hcg gen (fadogia agrestis) to make you horny without the desensitizing qualities of some prescribed medication. The only other thing id perhaps use is pes erase.

Of course, without a serm, pct is pretty pointless. I do not recommend ATD or 6 Bromo, because bromo has shut me down, and ATD can too. Cabergoline or prami can control prolactin should those problems arise. Ultimately, time off my man.


What are supplemenths?


Supplements you can only get in menthol flavor.




thumbs up mahn ! and did you say time fixes stretch marks ? i dont think so.


ma bad, i meant super meth !


Its one of the best cures. Time at a consistent weight that is. Fluctuating a lot will make them like the ones on my arm pits, red and... Bla. About the best they can get is becoming clear (atleast for what ive bothered with). I havent really worried about it too much, have you tried any of the usual methods pregnant ladies do with their stomachs? They report success, event though ive heard a lot of those methods ie cocoa butter dont have a known method of working. And to your supplement list, vitamin c for stress cant hurt either.


Not a single one of those home remedies or expensive cosmetic creams do s thing for stretch marks. Over time, they fade and be become less pronounced, even while I grow. They are actually more pronounced (arms, chest, thighs, when I cut weight).


I thought vitamin E (liquid not pill form) was good to rub on the skin to remove scars/stretch marks. well i know for scars it works as it helped my back after i got bad bacne... eh, could be wrong, whatevs..


even i have heard people removing entire scars with it.. should give it a try.. cause my marks arent really improving with time.. and for some reason i keep getting new ones all the time.. maybe genetics ? a gym partner of mine that has "abused" steroids hardly has any..


Iron hit it right on the noggin. There isnt really any evidence that they work, but i dont think an oil containing vitamins would hurt. And you are absolutely right about the cutting, but growing too fast can cause problems. So thats why my vote is stay the same weight for a little while unless you are competing, or bulk slowly without high doses of stuff. Vitamin e oil is under 10 bucks, try it and let people know. If you have success I may try it.


Zinc, magnesium, creatine, primrose oil, and saw palmetto are some great ones during PCT. Also, drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning will help flush out the liver (even more important if you ran orals).


A buddy of mine cracked his face open playing hockey. You would have never known as he has no scar, he said he would crack open vitamin E pills and rub them over the wound. I hear it works for stretch marks too. I can't personally vouch as I have stretch marks on my shoulders from when I first started lifting and got hyooge there quick.


wont it cause acidity , lemon is acidic right ? anyways i googled it and faaaark its true ! thanks a ton dude !


A lot of people swear by liquid vitamin E on scars, stretch marks etc, however the issue from what I've observed ( my sister probably has more stretch marks than anyone I know due to an old medical issue 14 years ago ), is that you must do this WHILE these things are forming.

You will see some women who get pregnant and get tons of stretch marks and some who get none. Sure some are lucky but those that dont often use a lot of pre-treatment creams while pregnant.

On the stretch marks have settled in I largely believe only time will minimize them and even then it's only so much.

So unless there is some miracle way I don't know of ( please share ) once you've got them, deal with it.


Not sure how it works, but it is(converts) alkaline in your body from what I understand.


That's a good point...vitamin e oil helps scars when they are fresh. For instance, I have a scar on my forehead exactly like harry potter lol) that is over 20 years old. If my baby self would have rubbed vitamin e like on it right after it happened, it might have helped. Now however, I am harry potter.

Another thing is, scars caused by trauma are different than stretch marks.