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What Order?


If someone wanted to win at least one competition in strongman, powerlifting, and bodybuilding, what order would be the best to try to do that? Has anyone on this board done that?

I think it'd be fun to get a taste of each different event.

Right now I wouldn't be able to win any comp, I've only been lifting for 2 years still trying to get my foundation.


Strongman, then Bodybuilding or Power lifting (which ever you are closer to) then the other.


Strongmen aren't exactly the most aesthetic looking guys out there, either. you'd have your work cut out for you.


Powerlifting, to get as strong and build as much muscle as possible. Practice and train specifically for the event. Then, I guess you could cut down and do the bodybuilding show.

But, to me, it seems that there's a big difference between entering a strongman/powerlifting comp and entering a bodybuilding show. Even with your limited experience, you could probably find a strongman or powerlifting comp that you could enter this weekend and compete in a division where you wouldn't be totally embarrassed. In fact, it would probably inspire you and help your progress.

Entering a bodybuilding show on the other hand (and this is all 2nd-hand as I've never done one myself) requires it to pretty much become your life for 2, 3, maybe even 4 months depending on how much fat you have to lose. You will have to starve yourself half to death, do specific contest prep and get a goofy spray tan.

Not to mention the fact that you have to learn how to pose an all that. Bodybuilding doesn't seem to be something where one can enter a competition on a lark.


As far as getting them done as quickly as possible, I'd say Powerlift, Strongman, Bodybuild. Powerlift first to build the base strength then switch to Strongman where you just need to learn and practice the activities and add the conditioning. Bodybuilding last because your cut for a show would impede progress for Powerlifting and Strongman comps.