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What Order Should I Do a "1,200 Lb Club" Attempt?

I’m currently deployed and planned to try and join the 1000 Lb club while I was over here. Well, After 5 months, my warm-up sets total over 1000 lbs, so I figure it’s time to shoot higher.

In 3 weeks I’m attempting to establish a 1,200 Lb Club at my base. What order should I lift in to maximize my potential strength? I’m thinking Deadlift first, followed by Bench, and then Squat.

I figure the Dead is the heaviest tax on my CNS and may fatigue my quads a little bit. It’s also my best lift, so I want to maximize my numbers there. I really need to hit 450. Bench is a nice breather between the two heavy lifts (shooting for 325), and I can finish with the Squat when my legs are as fresh as they’re gonna get so I can hit a 425.

I’ve never truly tested a 1RM on any lift before. I’m currently following a 5/3/1 program, and my last week (heaviest weights I’ve ever lifted) were 370x6 (Squat), 390x5 (Dead), and 280x8 (Bench). I think I can get there.

Any thoughts?

Seeing as it’s based on powerlifting movements I would have thought the same order as a powerlifting meet: squat, bench, deadlift.

That said, people who post about how they’re in the 1,000lb club aren’t necessarily saying they hit them all in the same day or even week.


yeah i don’t get why you wanna burn yourself doing it the sameday ?

If i was doing them all on the same day, I would definitely do deadlifts last.

For me at least squats are the lift that will suffer the most from fatigue, being far more technical than the deadlift.

I would always want to do deadlift last because you can then just throw everything into it and go mad without hurting your other lifts.

Deadlift first and squat last would be my last choice.

Doesnt really matter whether bench goes before or after squats, using such different muscles.

Bottom line, a max deadlift attempt, success or failure, will hurt your squat a lot. Other way around less so.

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I’m trying to do it all in the same workout as part of the challenge aspect. I’ve set several goals/challenges for myself on this deployment to support getting into shape.

I rowed a marathon as part of my cutting phase, losing a total of 30 lbs of fat during the first 3 months. I then completed the Murph in a personal best time for me (1 hr, 6 min with the 2 miles walked due to my bad knee). Next up is the 1200 lb club at the end of my mass gaining quarter (up 15 pounds so far trying to bulk on an Army dining facility’s menu). And lastly, I’m going to initiate my next cut with a 10,000 KB swing challenge to try and get as lean as I can before I come back home.

Squat first, Deadlift last makes sense the way y’all are explaining it. I figured it would be a good idea to ask! I really appreciate the feedback as I look forward to attempting this.