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What Online Multiplayer Games are you Playing?


I am looking for a new game, what sort of online games is everyone playing? I would prefer one without monthly fees, but I don't mind paying a bit up front for a game. Anyone have any suggestions?


I'm always playing Gran Turismo Prologue online. Nothin like leaving people in your e-dust


Don't do the standard MMO's! They fucking take too much time for no return at all!

Play some games that allow you to actually leave your computer when you want.

(Alright, I was an MMO addict. Is it obvious?)

I play at Kongregate. Some fun games for free, and I usually only play about 30 minutes at a clip. Much more managable....


My favorites are Gemcraft and Cell Warfare.


I used to play world of warcraft for about a year and a half.

I deleted my items and characters.

That game was ruining my life. Literally.

I miss that game tough. And that girl called Hailey. Sweet Blond swedish girl. Hell I had bought her a PDA for a present to keep contact with her. Ironically it came to her defective. The thing I miss most is her, not the game per se.

Ah well, guess I did the right thing quitting playing tough. MMOs suck you in. WOW was a digital drug IMO.


CoD4 No muss no fuss, hop in, kill some people, hop out.

Left for Dead is another mindless short time waster as well.


It is a digital drug!! It ruined some lives of people I know, who played countless hours. Thank God it didn't suck me in after my 1st month trial, and plus I thought it wasn't worth paying the fee.


Hey Bicep-craze, I can relate - I gave 7 years of my life to the granddaddy of MMORPGs, Ultima Online. Haven't touched one since but I'm intrigued by Bioware's new Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic.

Doubt it will be out until the end of the year or even next year, but Bioware has made some of my favourite games so it could be amazing. We'll see.

What genres are you interested in, Barney?
(I work in the computer games industry so I have a little knowledge in this area. :wink: )


Warcraft 3 the frozen throne is what I'm playing at the moment until Diablo 3 is released.

You aren't a real gamer if you haven't played the Diablo series at some point, sorry.


Subspace, but more specifically trenchwars
www.trenchwars.org . Great game haha, its 2D but its hella fun. I've been playin it for way to long. 8-9years? But not as much in the past 3


Good Old fashioned Counterstrike - source. Although I can never play just one round... it sucks you in and next thing you know, BAM! Two hours gone! But it's free after the initial cost of the game.


Hmmm....hehehe well MMOs are addictive because of the social interaction with other players involved. Well, probably I'll start playing next summer...but probably won't. I mean, one starts by playing 'to kill time', then it becomes a habit, after that you meet someone online that you really 'click' with, then start talk tto her/him for hours on end every freaking day, then both wanna meet bla bla bla buth can't because both live too far away, something happens and poof contact lost.

In the meantime you lost the majority of your real life friends and your grades at school suck because, of course all you think about is 'how awesome is the raid gonna be thiz night'. I have 3 msn contacts from old mates in wow.

One is a 20 year old girl from Netherlands, the other is of a 45 year old woman from Sweden, and the other is of a 19 year old from the UK. I still talk to them to date. Especially to the girl from Netherlands. She has quite a personality. Would like to meet her one day.


Yep, cs is still king.

If you're highly competitive and like to get raged on a regular basis, this is the game for you.


Sign me up!!


No other online racers!?

I'm so sad :frowning:


I'm so happy, 'cause today I found my friends...


Kurt Cobain said that




You mean your waiting till Starcraft 2 is released right? :stuck_out_tongue:

USEast: MangoMan305 on Warcraft 3


I've gotten away from the online side of things I tend to get too caught up in them and lose track of time. Just recently I have been playing Red Alert 3, Fall Out Three but I have finished both of these games now so I am currently downloading Dawn of War 2 and the new call of duty game.

If I get really bored I jump online and play cs or fortress for ever or tfc is there is a game going but thats pretty much dead now.


Played WoW until the point where Warhammer online came out.

Warhammer online I can actually play for an hour a day and make some kind of progress. Plus I leveled to 20 with a combination of pvp and pve. Definetly more fun than WoW.

I'd rather be playing a game with other people than browsing youtube and forums. Forums are a real time waster here.