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What on Earth are Modern Sprinters Using?

So I have been poking around with a bit of research on sprinters and the usage of PEDS/AAS to enhance performance and I am quite stumped on what modern athletes use nowadays, especially athletes that are close to the top but not quite the best. I’d like to start this thread mostly as a discussion as well as a learning tool for myself as well as receiving the opinions of the community on this matter.

Firstly with a bit of, slightly opinionated, background material on sprinting as well as the athletic properties that sprinters value the most. Sprinting is a highly coordinated movement that requires high amounts of force to be delivered into the ground at extremely short times. This is especially apparently in the max velocity segment of the race in which your ground contact times are the lowest and all forces are directly vertically into the ground. The segment of the race where higher ground contact times would be passable would be the initial acceleration phase of the race, but the main goal is to reach max velocity as soon as possible and enter into a phase of upright/max velocity. The fast you hit max v the faster you will run as you will be running at max v the longest.

With this in mind, it appears that the most beneficial attributes for a sprinter would be force production WITHOUT affecting ground contact times. Ground contact times are directly attributed with tendon stiffness (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5950739/) as tendons exhibit much higher elastic properties compared to muscle. This leads me to believe that compounds such as injectable testosterone, which is known to affect collagen synthesis, which in the long term will affect tendon properties, doesn’t seem like a wise choice for sprinters.

Although the thread does state HGH should be used in conjuction to improve tendon collagen synthesis, I have trouble believing that all sprinters have access to this. Legit HGH seems to be very difficult to find as well as very expensive. Maybe some of the top athletes have access to this drug, however, there are several athletes who have achieved world class performances as well as staggering improvements who aren’t sponsored by anything other than the measily support that their school and/or country provides them with. However there have been busts for testosterone especially by top sprinters (i.e Gay and Gatlin), so I guess its use in athletics isn’t uncommon, but these are top sprinters with lots of money so I guess they are probably using it in conjuction with HGH. With the little research I have done it appears that it is very difficult to detect HGH in drug tests, which makes me feel like it is a miracle drug for this sport if you can afford/have access to real HGH. Drugs such as EPO and insulin are definetly a benefit to sprinters as it allows them to increase training capacity through improved recovery.

Bringing this back to athletes who aren’t at the top but are willing to spend whatever limited fund they have to achieve their goals, I am inclined to believe that these athletes are running oral only cycles at lower dosages possibly following the Charlie Francis Ben Johnson protocol 3 week on 3 week off (as stated in his book Speed Trap). The choice of oral however seems to be ruled down into the following few:
-TBol (not sure if still being used as widely with the inclusion of Grigory Rodchenkov’s long term metabolites test https://www.docdroid.net/6um5m7W/vdocumentssite-detection-and-mass-spectrometric-characterization-of-novel-long-term-dehydrochloromethyltestosterone.pdf)
-DBol (seems less likely with water retension properties potentially affecting relative strength numbers, but Ben Johnson apparently used low doses of this with tons of success)

I’ve ruled out a few other drugs due to extremely long detection windows but feel free to correct me. Winstrol seems to be a very poor choice for sprinters due to it affecting joints and causing brittle tendons. Maybe the duchess mk2 mix with alcohol + metenolone, trenbolone, and anavar seems to be good but I don’t think any solo athletes would be mixing this themselves. What are your thoughts on drugs that sprinters use?

The popular opinion on most steroid forums seems to be that these oral only cycles don’t work and you will be doing more harm then good due to HPTA shutdown. However, I think that these cycles can be beneficial in CNS adaptation as well as small relative strength gains. Overspeed training methods such as usage of the 1080sprint machine, band assisted runs or even wind assisted runs have become well used training tool to improve sprint performance. I believe these drugs can be used as an enhancement in a similar effect. This is just my opinion without much scientific evidence backing it up however. The HPTA shutdown seems to be a factor however as the 3 week off cycle with low testosterone will likely affect mood and training quality.

Maybe some research drugs form of cardanine (seems less useful for short sprinters in the 100m) or ostarine are used more widely by modern sprinters. Does anyone have any knowledge on this? According to the effects of nutrabol, it seems like it could be a low qual replacement for HGH + IGF-1 as those drugs are very difficult to acquire for the general public.

A modern cycle (that a mid to high level collegiate sprinter is on) might look like the following (4-6 weeks):
-Anavar 30-40 mg ED
-Test Prop or Test Susp (200-300 mg EW)
-Nutrabol weeks before and after the cycle for ligament + recovery purposes

Dosages are much lower than what a traditional body builder would use as sprinters don’t value gains in size and only want primarily gains in strength.

PCT What?

Speaking of HPTA shutdown, this brings me to my biggest confusion when it comes to AAS and sprinting, what on earth are these folk doing for their PCT? Clomid and Nolvadex seem to have long clearance times and seems like a poor choice to be used especially if your country conducts randomized testing throughout the year. These also are known to have side effects which will affect training/sprint performance. Training with sub optimal mechanics over a period of time will lead to a detriment in performance. Are these guys just taking orals without any PCT?

Even in Victor Conte’s letter to Dwain Chambers (https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2008/may/16/drugsinsport.athletics1) doesn’t say they do any PCT but I guess they weren’t taking orals ED + test EOD.

Based off of what I’ve been reading it seems that Anavar and Halotestin seems to make the most to be used in steroid cycles in sprinting. Use of these two drugs in conjuction was outlined in a protocol shared by Charlie Francis’s contact (https://www.t-nation.com/opinion/anabolic-athletics). But it stated these folk were on a 12 week transdermal administration of these drugs. Does this affect PCT in anyway?

So I leave you with my final question, what the hell are these sprinters doing nowadays???

Crack they all smoke tons of crack

Anavar has to be #1 due to the added benefit of collagen synthesis on top of the general strength it can provide.

For pct it is possible that they’re doing something like triptorelin every few weeks in between cycles, but that’s pure speculation on my part.

I know that winstrol doesn’t fit with the usual profile for sprinters, given how hard it is on tendons, but a whole lot of guys have used it for years and won medal after medal while on it. So there has to be something they’re doing to mitigate those side effects enough to make that possible.

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