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What oil for trenbolone acetate?

After I have extracted the trenbolone acetate from the Comp T/H and have almost pure powder. Can I use oil from a unopened bottle of olive oil as the carrying agent. Would there be any contaminants that would not be filtered out by a .45 micron filter.

I believe Wesson soybean oil would be a better choice than olive oil. Olive oil intended for use as a food is much more likely to contain various other constituents which might potentially cause an allergic reaction.

Why Wesson? Well, I spent quite a bit of time carefully examining all the supermarket oils to see which was the lightest colored and clearest, which suggests being refined to the highest purity: Wesson soybean oil was the winner. It also has a proven track record.

How the heck did I turn into William Roberts? :slight_smile: