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What Nutrition Books Are You Reading?


As a self professed nutritional-ignoramus, I've decided it's time to take the proactive approach and really enlighten myself. In this "Intelligent and relentless pursuit", I stumbled upon "Knowledge & Nonsense" by Jamie Hale.

Simply put - You need to read this. I also ordered "The Stubborn Fat Solution" by Lyle McDonald, so that's next. I also have a pile of stuff from Chris Aceto and John Ivy that I need to make my way through.

So, what are you reading?


How can you be ignorant of nutrition with legs like that?


You already mentioned some great resources.

I'd suggest checking out Alan Aragon's stuff too, he's definitely one of the best.


A personal favorite for life long healthy eating would be the Men's Health "Abs Diet." I could care less for the second half of the book, which is a compilation of mostly compound lifts and ab work, but the nutritional knowledge I gained as a newbie is priceless.


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Mauro Di Pasquale - the Anabolic Diet

Ori Hofmekler - the warrior diet

...lots of different ways of thinking in those...great reads


This damn thread.


i like Johnny Bowden and Shugart.


Based off this book alone, I'm definitely going to hunt down more of his stuff.

This book is just awesome, as it takes a lot of things that are th gospel an just completely shreds them. The insulin fallacy, food combining myths, and I haven't even got to the supplement section yet. It sounds cliche, but this book is changing my life!


mind elaborating on the "insulin fallacy"?


Basically the crux is this - Insulin isn't to blame for the obesity epidemic, lack of common sense is. People are fat because they eat too many calories, not because they SPIKE THUR INSOOLINZ~! too much.

Oh yeah, that BCAA roundtable with J. Harris/Layne/Aragon is reprinted in here too and I finally read through it. Great stuff.


I'm really glad you've "seen the light". I remember when I was going through the same thing, it's kinda scary to look back at some of the stuff I believed even just a year ago..

Of course this means from now on pretty much everything you hear at the gym/read on message boards will make you want to rip your hair out..


GASP Heretic!!! Burn him at the steak!



You guys know a good place to purchase this book? It's really limited in terms of internet exposure and access.


Biochemistry textbook


have you tried jamie hale's site?


at the bottom: "add to cart"




EFS has it.


Probably a book store. I checked the local Laundrymat and they didn't have it. :wink:

lol, sorry.


it's really done you a lot of good.