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What Now??

ok,i have 4 polysteron-250

planning to inject every 10 days

thats it. i heard it stays active about 3 weeks,i plan to use estrogenix from high tech for hormonal balance,so ,at what time should i start taking the estrogenix??

i know 4 poly`s is not much,but im looking for about 7 pounds extra muscule, i do have a muscular body 19 inch biceps(natural)no,not even andros.

the only things i used are creatins by vpx(cex)proteins,octocasonol,and massive doses of vitamin and minerals
and i eat damn good,

there are so many of these bloody stupid compounds being sold out there now that I don’t even pay attention to them. If you are going to use, I suggest to stick to known compounds, that way you will have the benifit of knowing what you are getting yourself into.