What Now?

First post here although ive been lurkin for a while

Also im on my phone so disregard spelling and random periods lol

Im 31 yrs old, 205lbs and about 14-15% bf. Ive been training since roughly 12yrs old but slacked off in my early 20’s. I had my complete thyroid removed at 14yrs old age. Thyroid replacement medication consisted of purely t4 (synthroid). Over the years my dosage increased uo to 275 mcg. I also started having erection issues in my early 20’s that continued to worsen until a couple of years ago to the point i could never finish sex without loosing my erection… i finally bit the bullet and went to the doc and he refered me to a urologist.

I eventually found out he was a tard but long story short… my total test was decent at low 400s (couldnt get a copy from him but i did see the labs) snd my free test was beloe range and ALLl but non existant… he put me on trt at 75mgs twice a week at my request… 5-6 weeks after i started my test level was an 849 (still no copy of labs) but i felt bloded as all get out… i begged for an e2 test and it came back high above range but refused to give an ai… i then got refered to an endo…

Shedrpretty legit but trt isnt her specialty… BUT she will listen and seems fairly intelligent… i got her to change my thyroid meds to a t3/t4 combo 25mch/200mcg… she did take me off trt to check my pituitary function which all looked normal… (i can post #'s on this) and got a script for arimidex… so currently i take 75mgs test cyp every 3.5 days and .25 mgs of srimidex every 2-3 days…

Now to the problems… erections are WAAAAY better but still not right, meaning i loose them still fairrly often but they are way easier to get back…

I have full labs from before trt… the ones u would get during a yearly check up if they are needed…

My cholesterol is out of wack… bad cholesterol is decent but good cholesterol is low (dont remember which is which at the moment ldl/hdl)

No ph or aas uses prior to trt

I have done a cycle (after trt) of pp turinabol with pp liver juice and erections were great then! But just finished a blast at 500mgs test cyp a week with minimal improvement with erections… i know this isnt the steriod section, im just tryin to give all the info i have…

What could be my problem??

Im thinkin of getting these test done but want to get more opinions on what to look for and where to look
Total test
Free test
E2 sensitive assay
Vit d 25 OH
Vit b12 & folate
T3 uptake
cortisol - 4 sample saliva
ferritin, %saturation
serum iron

Any ideas, suggestions… im all ears

Made a mistake… its 15 mcg of T3 not 25

Your symptoms and protocol are similar to mine, minus the thyroid meds…I still have some difficulty obtaining and maintaining an erection…I think part of it is psychological as it was so bad for so long, that now that my hormones are on track, I’m still worried that it wont fix it…

I have had good success with 10 mg Cialis (procured from indian pharmacy for a fraction of the price) 3x/week (MWF) with my Aromasin (your adex). Got another blood test coming up to check DHT and E2 levels and hoping that one of them fills in the rest of the blanks.

If I figure it out, I’ll let ya know…you do the same

Cialis didnt do much for me really… now viagra is the best thing ever!!

Ive got another appt with my endo jan 6, so im tryin to get this blood work befote then so everyone here can decifer it and maybe see something i dont