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What Now?


Ok, so I'm 27. For the things I like to do in life that's ancient. I know it's young biologically. But I'm not happy. I'm starting to look creepy going to college nights at clubs.

I'm one of my last friends drinking pints of gin every friday & saturday. But I like it. I just have no friends to do it with because they're all married. I'm so lonely. But I don't know what to do with the rest of my life.

THere's nothing left for me. I know I know...do shit you like and meet people that way...but the thing is...no one my age does the shit I do. THey all have careers and are driven and attract like minded people.

I was always afraid of ending up like those 28 or 29 year old people with no job or career and sitting around drinking and still 'partying' and being 5 years older than everyone at the parties they go to.

Guess what I am now? I had so much potential. I was taking junior level college courses by the time I was 17, and now 10 years later I've actually become what i never wanted to be. Now apparently my student loans are going to come due soon and I have no money.

I'm not sure I see many ways out of this. I don't have a way to earn enough money to cover loans and basic living expenses. I was doing well with stocks and then the market crashed and I lost 95% of my money. I started with a few hundred bucks and worked my waaaaay up.

I was thinking about buying my mom a car, and even a house down the road. Now it's all gone, I have no career, no way to get one, no way to afford any grad school I'd have to pay for, no woman, no friends left really.

Anyway, gin was on sale again so i bought a couple liters for 12 bucks and I'm drinkin it tonight so I thought I'd post here because I have no one else to talk to.

craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawling in myyyyyyyyyyyy skin, etc.


Stop drinking!


Sober up and get a job. Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.


Fella.. you worry me.

You drink too much and you are always depressed.

You need some friends and you need a counselor.

stop punshing yourself.. this is what you are doing


Cut yourself, emo kid.


Ok, so now you've become what you didn't want to be.

Now what? Gin ain't going to make it better. You have to take control of your life, and be what you want to be.

Dude, do you enjoy getting beat up on here? Do you like any attention, as long as it is attention?


You need to get a job no matter what it is. You will probably have to start at the bottom and work your way up. Hard work puts you on the road to self respect.


Sounds like you need yourself a REALLY shitty job. If that doesn't motivate a person to get of his ass to make a better career possible, nothing will.

I'd recommend a grocery store or fast food. Both are shitty enough.

Or you could teach musical instrument. You'll just have to stay one lesson in front of the student...

Oh, and stop drinking. maybe?


WTF, you wanted people to talk to you, now you leave us hanging.

Obviously you won't listen to anyone here, but seriously, you need help.

Professional help.

Also, Gin is some putrid stuff. Why not spend a few bucks and get some Grey Goose or something?


Why do you waste time with him?


I would say relocate. Find a friend who moved to a bigger city and get a resume going. Get a new job, entry level or whatever. Get an apartment with him/her and see rest of this great country.

I made a thread about this recently and followed through with it. From a medium size city in Pennsylvania (erie) to Atlanta GA. I left ALL my family and friends but regret NOTHING. Best decision I've ever made. A few months later, I'm happier than I've EVER been. I got a great job with benefits working at "The W" in Midtown Atlanta and soon to relocate to Buckhead. (any T-peeps need a room or service hit me up!)

I've met Mark Cuban and 'Akon' since I've been here. Mark was the coolest guy you could imagine. I'm tall 6'5" so he jokingly mentioned the mav's have an opening...

Shake it up a little. Move, travel, charity work. Do something that makes you feel good besides Gin ::gag::

And the south is blowing up like hell. Charlotte NC is EXPLODING. Atlanta, Nashville and Savannah are all begging for employees. Anywhere south, warm is good :slightly_smiling:

Good luck man, and please stop drinking so much.


Dude, you live on the wrong coast. Your desired lifestyle is made for the west coast. Much more laid back than the fast paced east coast. Go West Young Man! Go shake hands with Arnold! And stop drinking so much, smoke a joint instead.


I honestly couldn't tell you.....

It IS a waste of time, I know.


Firstly, drink Scotch. Gin is for alcoholics.

Secondly, I'm in the same position as yourself (perhaps to a lessor degree).

  1. Fairly bright. I did a university class when I was 15 so suck that! High Distinction too I might add :slightly_smiling:

All my high school friends are a distant memory.

And work mates are not quite best friends (but we are friends - don't get me wrong on that).

I tried lifting weights.

I tried go back to study.

I tried travelling.

I tried learning Aikido.

I tried Scotch. Mmmmmmm.

I'm stickng with all of the above except for travel in the near future - going to spend my travel money on flying lessons (and like you lost a bunch on money recently - about 40% of my entire capital but shit happens I suppose).

My dad even starts telling me out of no where, completely changing the topic which was what I should purchase for a christening gift for a friend (holy shit! I have a friend!) that 'love will find me when I least expect it and I shouldn't worry that I don't have a girlfriend just yet'.

How's that for a father pretty much saying not to worry that you suck at girls?

Its funny because I wish I went to night clubs like yourself. I just don't fit in in those places.

Am I worried what will happen when I'm your age?

Fucking oath I am!

Sorry I can't be more of a help. Wish we could sit down and have scotch together.

Cheer up mate,


Don't kings do this?


I despise the entire concept of royalty.



When people ask my opinion here (in the UK), some think I'm crazy that I wouldn't kneel to the queen or anything along those lines. I'd simply treat her like any other old person.


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You sound a lot like me. Except I dont drink anymore........ So lonely......... all I have......... is.............. porn............... So much porn. And entire 160 gigs of porn.............. Jesus H Christ! What happened? It........ was.................... POOOOOORRRRRRNNNNNN!!!!!

Seriously though, there should be a website where friendless porn addicted losers like myself can go and bitch about how much their life sucks because they are ugly, friendless porn addicted losers.