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What Now?

I’ve been doing power lifting since 3 years and been trying to improve my body shape since 1 year (bodybulding kind of training).

never had six abs even though I lowered my bf until 5% once but with no huge difference with cuts. All I was getting is smaller normal arms and jelly (not hard ) stomuch.

My chest as you can see is my second major problem that it doesen’t really grow even though I train twice a week, used to train it once.

any way would like your opinion. I dont know if I should bulk or cut, people say keep bulking others say you should cut back otherwise you’ll gain even more fat or utleast it won’t be as clean and better looking is if u started clean from start.


Post more pics. I cant tell anything from that.

You look like you train, but kinda small for your height. I think you can and should add mass for a longer period before thinking of cutting down. Since you’re a powerlifter, what are your lifts?

Well from what I can tell from that pic, which isn’t much, I’d really bring up the back. You’re just kinda straight, work on getting that taper. Hit the deadlifts, chin ups, and rows.

Btw plz post more pics. Do a back double-bi, front double-bi, a leg shot where you’re flexing and a most muscular if you feel up to it. It will let us see what you are working with a lot better then this pic.

leg/back pics?