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What not to take with tribulus?


Does anyone know if taking antioxidants with tribulus could mess something up with the absorption between the two, cause I want to take both of them, but they both say to take them with food? And if it is ok to take them with each other what would you recommend not taking with tribulus?


You're fine.

Discontinue Trib use when using androgens and save it for postcycle.


There is no problem taking your antioxidants with Tribulus. They are neither synergistic nor competitive.


good with Trib are:
Good fats (fish oils/flax etc)

Bad with Trib are:
androgens (eg prohormones)

thats about it tho


Licorice has a tendency to lower T so I would stay away from it. Other than that, I can't think of anything else.


No anti-oxidant competes or interferes with Tribex. (That is the tribulus product you're taking, right?)


I am thinking of buying some, but what is the difference in tribulus with the avena sativa, then the tribulus without? Does avena help with tribulus absorption or does the avena help produce testosterone also?