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What Not To Do In A Gym


Hi everyone, some friends of mine and I recorded a gym video and put it on YouTube. I thought you might enjoy it as well:

The Setup:
Three friends work out together. One of the guys wants to 'put it all on today' and lifts, knowing that his friends will watch over him with eagle eyes. At least that was the idea...

The Video:


The final shot shouldn't have been that angled, or not as wide. One bar end was visible and lacking some plates. Otherwise, good work. thumbs up


Hi, thanks for pointing that out. I think next time could stand a bit more planning.


Now you just need a video of some fat hog in a sweat suit doing curls in a squat rack!

Or better yet, get a bench (non-smith) and get a scrawny 16 year old kid with a dicktease, jailbait girlfriend, and have him try to do the old "watch this, I'll impress you by trying to put up 225" and then black out, "see sawing" the bar, plates crashing all over.

That would be good, considering probably all of us have seen it.


haha that is pretty good.

Here is what I think is needed.

Some asshole talking on the cell phone while working out.

Curling in the squat rack as mentioned already.

The guy that moves in. You know the one that has his gym bag, water bottle, towel, music, chalk, and the list goes on.

The guy that does curls right in front of the dumbell rack.

I think if you got those in the film somehow you would have an instant classic gym comedy.


Please no.


Ahh come on! We've all seen the pedophile looking dad in his 40's, trying to bust that hump belly around by doing 2 sets of curls in a squat rack. This video would be an example for beginner lifters to NOT want to turn into that guy, lol.


I'll see what I can do about the cell phone one and the lady on the squat rack. I've had some of those in other gyms, thankfully not this one (though there is one person who doesn't like that fact that I count out the reps my friend does when I spot him).

Here's another one my friends and I shot today.

The, uh, plot is:

This video is dedicated to Betty Nguyen, a CNN news anchor. The poor sap with the log is smitten by her enough to (badly) squat a heavy log to 'prove' his love for her. Apparently love overshadows common sense...

The link is:

If anyone's got a hi-res shot of Betty Nguyen, can you let me know?


Hi everyone, here's a new one:

goes a little campy at the end, but still fun..


CLASSIC! The Benny Hill tie in was gold! LOL

Bravo dude! Keep 'em coming.


That new one is realy funny. I like what you did with him running out from the mirror.


Here's a new one, "The Ego Workout":

setup: someone's trying to bench a weight they shouldn't and convinces a poor fool to help...


I like it. The new one is good.


Wow, good job. That was very funny.


these are mad funny haha


whos tits are those?


Wtf is wrong with this?

My gym bag goes with me everywhere I go at the gym, inside of it is as follows: dip belt, belt, wrist straps, wrist wraps, towel, training log, chalk, and probably more. I don't see how that bothers anyone considering its all inside of my bag. And if it does bother anyone - they can fuck off.



I can't hire someone to help me with carrying around all my gym stuff, so I have to use one of those inconvenient (and apparently rude) gym bags.


Thank you. It's the same for me but add squat shoes and DL slippers. I keep it out of the way behind some stuff. If someone doesn't like it...blow me.


That guy commented over a year ago though..don't let it bother ya!

the new one is so classic! Reminds me exactly what happened today while I was working out!! Accept it was two guys egging each other on,exercise after bad formed exercise.