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What Non-Biotest Supps Do You Use?


i am just wondering what supplements other people use.


Protein powder : whey for training, multi for "snack". Love ON and Cytosport products
ON and/or Universal BCAA and Glutamine pre and post-workout
ON Fish oil



I have been using Focus XT instead of coffee and preworkout concoctions and some l-glutamine.


Careful here or you will get banned


I can't use HOT-ROX because of the WNBF Rules n Regs (of which I don't fully understand a few supplements being disallowed). So during contest preps, I sometimes use a product called Meltdown. While not as good as HR, which I felt always allowed me to retain if not gain muscle while dieting, it does provide a slight kick in the ass on the days you're feeling run down.



I used to use HOT-ROX but HOT-ROX Extreme runs me through the side effects ringer.

I buy protien from a different company and have done so since years before I stumbled on to Biotest and T-Nation. I'll have to try Biotest one of these days.

I prefer liquid fish oil to capsules and shop accordingly and I do use a multi from ON.

I've been using Millennium Nutrition minerals but I probably will put in an order to Biotest when I'm out. I have no idea how millennium chelates their minerals but Biotest's method sounds cool even if Greek to me.


Multi- through Cooper Aerobics

Liquid Fish Oil - Carlson's

Curcumin- Jarrow & Source Naturals

Na-R-ALA- Life Ext.

Vit D- Carlson's

Acetyl-L-Car- Jarrow

Probiotics- Jarrow

CoQ10 (Ubiq) - Jarrow

I don't use all those, but we do at our house with the wife and dogs as well


I use 30 gram of BREWERS YEAST, 10 gram of pure GELATIN powder and 15 gram of SOY isolate pre-workout. I mix it into Coke Zero, but remember to shake out the gas first. This gives me incredible energy in the gym...


Credit to T-Nation for allowing this thread!

I've stated this before and say it again: if you're a UK resident (probably non-US for that fact) then unless you are pretty flush Biotest supplements are not affordable for the average Joe.

On the plus side, the UK has a fabulous online supplier called My Protein offering an array of stuff - including single amino acids and proteins, e.g. leucine, glycine, beta alanine, etc, as well stuff like whey hydro. They are also sole UK supplier of Pepto-Pro (casein hydro). This has allowed me to devise my own peri-WO formulas at a fraction of the price of any branded supplement, Biotest included. They also offer a range of health supplements like liquid fish oil, high potency vit D, trans-resveratrol, etc, again at very competitive rates, so UK-based folks are quite fortunate after all!


Yeah they're awesome. Even better after finding a store that sells the Biotest liquid flavoring. Its the only thing I've found that makes Pepto Pro drinkable.


Carlson's Vitamin D and Solgar's Co-Q 10. That's it.


what's the best brand for probiotics?


ON gold standard whey and ON gold standard casein, which I buy in bulk so I can mix my own.
ON creatine and Flameout (shameless plug) that is about all.


Mercola and Jarrow products have tested well in independent lab tests.

Mercola tends to a bit pricey, but I guess it depends on the specific bacteria you want.

Just be sure to read if the product needs to be in the fridge and make sure the product has some kind of fructooligosacch. or something similar to help it survive the acidity of the stomach.


FINiBARs and Metabolic Drive have become staples for me. I've tried 2 different BCAA brands (optimum nutrition and USPlabs). Now that Biotest carries one, I'll be trying that next. I'm hoping it mixes better than the USP labs stuff I'm using now.

Just like KillerDirk, I buy ON whey and casein in bulk. I use the whey for baking high protein breads (banana, pumpkin, etc) and the pure casein is for casein pudding or an occasional high protein frappaccino that seems to work best with coffee and pure casein (rather than casein/whey blend).

My fishoils, multi, vit D, etc I usually pick up from Rite-Aid.


Biotest has sold BCAAs for years



Carlson's Cod Liver Oil

I alternate between MD and ON 100% Whey


why would i get banned? i have bought plenty of Biotest stuff and im not bashing them, just asking what other products people use. have people gotten banned for this?


No, generally though in the past threads like this were discouraged.


i am currently trying to finish dymatizes creatine monohydrate. I like Biotest's mono better, it mixes better, and seems to be better quality since its more of a powder than a crystal (if that makes sense).