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WHAT??? NO MD6?????

I can’t believe it has happened, that THEY finally got ephedrine gone. Whether it is by a real ban or making it so difficult to get the stuff and sell it, it comes out to the same thing WE CAN’T HAVE IT!! You would think all our resources would be towards people who want to fly planes as missles into our buildings or igniting a dirty bomb in our streets killing thousands and destroying our way of like, NOT on people who take ephedrine or pro-hormones. Will the govt give this campaign up, and put the $$ towards cancer drugs, AIDS drugs etc!!!
I thought the supplement industry as a whole had a decent lobbying effort in congress? Didnt sen. Hatch support a supplement bill??

The government sucks. :wink:

Heres a little humor for ya. Ephedrine “sources” are now going to not be allowed on this board. Underground ephedrine labs are gonna be popping up. And someone’s going to be paying $2.0 a tab for 20 mg tabs. Sounds real damn stupid.

Instead our efforts are going towards making
obviously American, blond, 7 year old boys
take off their shoes in the airports, be screened extremely closely, search their luggage closely, etc. (because a computer randomly picked their ticket) while letting very questionable looking people go by (if there were any) because they were not randomly selected.

This happened on the trip I just went on. I felt like I was dealing with Hitler’s Youth Squad. Absurd.

I was even told it was illegal for me to use the word “terrorist” in the airport – I’d made a comment that what they were doing was ineffective they’d let a terrorist walk right past if his ticked hadn’t been randomly selected – and I could be arrested, and (with attitude in voice) did I have a problem with that, etc.

(By the way, my answer to that was “Heil Hitler,” but they did not arrest me although I gave it about a 10% chance that they might.)

Handing over airport security to Federal control was an incredibly stupid thing to do, and results in making it impossible to fire idiots like the above, though the decision was typical of government-is-the-answer people. As is the banning of ephedrine (finally back on topic.)

Bill, can we expect MD-6 to be available from internet wholesale sources and retail stores for a while? I am just hoping this turns out like the old T-2. How long has it been since Biotest made this T-2, and I can still get it from a COUPLE of places. Please tell me it will be exactly like this…PLEASE!!

Hey Bill the same thing happened to me on my vacation 2 weeks ago. I had to take off my shoes and have them scanned and take my belt off while they rubbed me down with the back of their hands. Then while boarding the plane about eight foreigners boarded while my sister and I had our overhead bags searched.

I’d expect MD6 will continue to be available from retailers for quite some time. I don’t know it for a fact but as you said, Kburnin, that’s how it’s been with other products.

Pimp C, it’s so ridiculous, isn’t it? All it does is give a 10% (or whatever the percentage is) that a given hijacker will have to wait for another day. Because it’s not as if there is a risk of being sent to prison if there’s some item with a sharp edge or whatever in the suitcase. It would simply be confiscated. A 10% risk of maybe having a cheap item confiscated is going to stop a hijacker from trying? R-i-g-h-t.

What might work is thoroughly searching all people who reasonably do look like what hijackers have been like so far, or who appear dangerous or suspicious in any other way, which are less than 10% of passengers, but that would be “profiling” and we could never have that. Nope, let’s search seven year olds and blue haired grandmothers instead. That’s politically correct.

But is ephedra actually ILLEGAL? I don’t think that it is…I also don’t really understand why Biotest is pulling it…as a show of good faith? I don’t know, I remember when I was in college 2 dudes died (high school wrestlers) and there was a bunch of talk of banning…but nothing happened. ???

If democrats want all our tax money and republicans want a peep show in my bed room, and in the air port and in whatever, who the hell should I vote for next election. After reading chris’ article I think I’ll move to thailand haha.

It almost seems like I don't agree with 90% of the politicians nowdays

I don’t think it’s “illegal” but the government is sort of getting rid of it through the backdoor by making insurance rates too high (or something like that) where the supp co’s can’t profit. I blame the fucking ambulance chasing lawyers more than the politicians.

Damn I come back from vacation and this is what I get FUCK, I love MD6 . Lets see the medical community can make that phen shit that croaked a number of people within a month, but first they take the safer nor-ephedra off the market and noe ephedra. Damn the govt. What this probably comes down to is all the shit head lawyers looking for easy lawsuits and all the dickhead people who are looking for an easy buck from complications (wink, wink) due to the dangerous ephedra. Shit I’ve been using it for years with no bad response, not one fucking one!! what a sad day.

Just great! MORE of, “the consumer is incompitant and we need ‘daddy’ to tell us what we can or cannot put into our own bodies.” SIGH! Well we went from one form of MD-6 to another then nothing at all. At this rate they are going to outlaw everything Biotest makes. They do that and I am in HUGE trouble. Mainly because that wonderful supplement “M” has kept my emotions on a more even keel than ever before in my life! Whoever’s idea it was I owe them a huge debt of gratitude. I’ve had huge emotional probs all my life but for the first time I can actually feel calm enough to think before making decisions (believe me it was pure hell for so many years). Thank God for this “M” or I’d be totally flipping out about the loss of the great MD6.

To Bill Roberts......I did not realize they were conducting their "searches" in that fashion. Searching a 7 yr old out of simple chance? (randomly). Ooooooooookay! That is not exactly going to be effective people. Hey Bill...why dont we both go up there and give a sarcastic Hitler salute. lol.

Bill, regarding your comments on the airport
fiasco: I travel regularly for business, so
I am familiar with the airport situation. But
you have now idea how much things in the US
are getting like nazi germany. Two of my
grandparents were living in germany from
about 1932-1942; lived through the nazi
control and WWII. My grandmother related a lot
of stories to me about what it was like. I
also cherish freedom (as my user ID would
indicarte), so I keep up with a lot of news
related to that. If you compare the US today
to nazi germany, the US has become a police state, very similar to nazi germany. This is NOT an exageration. People think I’m crazy for saying this… they haven’t been paying attention… Free Extrop.

Vote libertarian.

OK, I’ve been “out of the loop” on the ephedra
issue lately. Last I heard, the government
mafiosos had been “talking” about
“illegalizing” ephedra for quite some time -
but hadn’t done shit. Now I come back to the
boards, and all of a sudden I see this. So
what are the bureaucrats actually doing?
Is ephedra now “illegal?” Or are the
pols using some other “back door” method to
get it pulled off the market? And is Biotest
actually going to pull MD6? If so, any
ideas on what will replace the ephedra in the
MD6 formula? Thanks for any clarification.

Let me make a modest proposal here. See what everyone thinks.

Okay, the Fed is getting stupid about supps again. So what else is new? Yet the market for said supps exists. No question about that.

Well, why not move production offshore? And not to some suspicious country like Colombia or even Mexico. How about (drum-roll here…) Japan?

Japan has the technical expertise to manufacture anything. Although it would cost a bit, the quality control would be world-class. And Biotest already has a partner here (their distributor). Seems like a good fit to me.

Anyone see any problems with the above? It’s a serious suggestion… Bill, what do you think?

I have studied some on Nazi Germany and beginning 10 years ago I feared this was going to happen. Seems as if you can’t do anything anymore. Who are they ot tell me what I can and cannot take into my own body for God’s sake! Now drugs such as LSD, cocaine, heroin etc I can understand but ephedra? You’d think thousands were addicted somehow to this stuff all over the country and hte population were dropping like flys. lol. Heil Hitler! [while they’re at it if they want to ban something lets make it political correctness; the biggest piece of shit this side of hell]


No to scream, topkat. - Mod

I’ve actually given this subject a lot of
thought. It’s possible to get contract
manufacturers to produce a wide variety
of supps. In fact that’s what most supp
companies do. It’s both unnecessary and
prohibitively expensive to develop your
own manufacturing facilities and expertise.
However the problem with this idea comes down
to distribution. If you’re trying to distribute something in an area where it is
considered “illegal” or “controlled” then
successful distribution becomes a problem.
It can be done (as the current availability
of street drugs demonstrates), but it increases the risk and costs significantly,
and turns the whole thing into a black market
operation. The other alternative is to try
to send each persons order from the “offshore”
production location to their location where
the substance is banned, but then you have a
high likelihood of seizure by customs. And
that has escalated since all of the anti-terror stuff has gone into place. So
manufacturing is not the prob. It is distribution. Find a better solution to that
and you have an opportunity on your hands.

I was thinking about having whomever wanted the supp order it. (Pushing ephadra on streetcorners would never work…) Considering how easy the Net makes everything now, it wouldn’t be a problem.

As for the question of seizure, well, that’s why I think Japan would be a good choice. It wouldn’t raise a flag on anyone’s computer terminal to have a package coming in from Japan (as opposed to Colombia or somewhere), so your stuff would be reasonably free from confiscation.