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What? No Info on GAC!


Let me guess, the powers that be here aren't letting anyone post questions or remarks about their very own conflict of interest named Brock Strasser aka Bruce Kneller aka GAC aka RSOC aka Phil.

He was arrested yesterday:

mms://wm.world.mii-streaming.net/media/whdh/windowsmedia/ news_articles/l060221_steroid.wmv

Here's the best thing:


What say you gentlemen?--Penny


Honestly, I don't get your point in the slightest. How is all of this a conflict of interest? The article was an interview with a dealer/supplier. And? Your point is? Even if it was the same guy as the one who was arrested, what exactly does that show about this site?


Your link wouldn't work.

heres a news article, mentions T-Nation a few times on page two.


As for my opinion, none right now. But anytime steroids are mentiond in the news in this day and age, the image will be negative and those involved will be demonized. One large block of salt to take with this info.


Hmm. Looks like your post made it through. What are you getting at? So what if he posted an article on steroids on here? Is it illegal to discuss the effects of steroids???



I agree. Let's assumee this is the same guy. So a T-Nation contributor gets arrested. Ok...where exactly is the conflict of interest?



Are you guys kidding me or do you just not know what the hell you're talking about?

Brock Strasser=GAC (RSOC)

GAC gives an interview to Brock Strasser who is obviously the same person.

My question is this, what would a legitimate, upstanding company like Biotest or Testosterone or whatever name they go by, be doing allowing a known (very widely known in the industry)steroid 'Guru' Dealer write for their magazine, and website?

It seems to me that someone was getting paid because no way in hell did the powers that be not know what was going on.--Penny


He wrote some articles for us several years ago, but I didn't know he was affiliated with GAC. That's somewhat embarrassing in retrospect, but what the hell, I can't rewrite history.

I know a conspiracy or scandal is a lot sexier, but sorry. I don't have one to offer.


You are aware that this site has STEROID FORUM aren't you? I would think that an interview with a "guru" as you put it would be something a lot of T-Nation readers would be interested in. I guess I don't see where the conflict exists? It's not like T-Nation is trying to distance themselves from steroid discussions.


This is getting absolutely retarded. Who freaking cares? There have been a bunch of steroid articles on this Web site, it's not like it's some kind of secret.


Not only that..but seriously these types of no restriction articles on a subject that is usually stepped around or made to seem like the worse thing in the world is one of the things that made T-Nation such a respected source of info in the early days. I mean the guy knew a ton about steroids,did you think he wasn't using them?


i'd say you're not quite the brightest penny in the roll.


On a slightly less retarded note, yet somewhat off topic... I hadn't seen that article before today, and it seemed in different quality from what I'm used to here.

TC, one of the things that always impresses me about this site is the writing quality within all the articles.

Now, whether that's due to the contributors actual ability to convery thoughts into words, or Shugart's editing abilities, is unbeknownst to me, but that Brock article was painfully void of the quality writing I'm used to seeing here, as well as the typically natural question-answer flow that an "interview" usually follows.

Did Mr. Strasser just know way more about steroids than about how to make an interview sound believable, or has something else changed within your quality control since then?


Whatever pin dick. You numb nuts just don't get it. They allowed a known steroid dealer to interview himself. And they knew it.


Reading the intro again now, knowing he's writing about himself is kind of funny:

It was like a scene out of a movie. I was told to drive to a parking lot and wait there for further instructions. I drove there and waited. The lot was empty except for a bank of pay phones. One of them was ringing. Sure enough, the man on the other end was the person I was supposed to interview.

I consider myself lucky that this individual allowed me to interview him. The interview was conducted in this manner to protect him and his identity, as well as yours truly. I don?t know his real name. We agreed this was best to protect both of us.

In this age of the Internet, we?ve seen a plethora of "e-sources" come and go. Most of them "go" into retirement not of their own volition, but because they?re popped by law enforcement. In truth, most of them are popped for being incredibly stupid and na?ve. They don?t think they?ll get caught. But as the more intelligent ones know, it?s not if, but merely a matter of when. Eventually we all roll a seven or an eleven in the craps game called steroid dealing.

However, after speaking with this individual for over ninety minutes by phone, I can tell you he?s one of the more intelligent and cautious people I?ve ever spoken with. He fully plans on leaving this "profession" by his own volition, and a lot sooner than many of you think.

Welcome to the world of Generic Agriculture & Chemical (GAC), steroid bootlegger extraordinaire!


and ?


TC already said he didn't know Brock/Bruce was GAC. What part of that is too complex for you to understand?



You think T-Nation is an investigative reporting outlet?

From what I've seen explained in the forums from time to time, various people submit articles. If the articles seem of interest to us, the audience, they might be accepted.

Besides, who gives a crap either way? If the guy was dealing then he certainly knew the risks involved.

If he's lucky, he might be dealing in designer substances that haven't made it to the lists.


Oh my God! No! Not that! Anything but that!

So who the fuck cares? Even if they knew I don't see the problem. This site hosts a wide range of articles from pure bullshit to the latest studies. Knowledge is knowledge and doesn't need to be censored.


You mean to say "I SPECULATE that they knew it."


Oh man that is priceless!

and "Interviewer Extraordinaire!" as well!

But I don't understand why he had to go to the parking lot when he could have just stayed at home. Maybe he needed to pick up some groceries?