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What Next?

I’m just finishing up Phase IV of Ian King’s Super Strength and Limping Series. I did the same programs last year, and have seen good results. I think I will make them a regular part of my annual routine.

So what is a good follow up for my next program? I’m 5’6", 145 pounds. I want to put on a little more muscle, but not at the expense of gaining fat. Does Ian King have a good program to do next, or is there someone else you would recommend?


Well, first of all… When you gain muscle, you’re going to gain fat.

Keep eating. Alot. You’re going to gain muscle and fat, depending on how clean you eat, you’ll gain more muscle than fat as long as you keep lifting.

Not to be rude, but rrjc is incorrect. It’s possible to gain significant amounts of muscle without gaining appreciable amounts of fat.

The routine, however, has very little to do with it as long as you’re working hard.

I’d follow up the limping program with something a little more limit strength oriented, westside-esque if that’s what you enjoy (though I like overhead lifting more than benching), and then follow that with a longer period of something a little more hypertrophy oriented like one of Chad’s programs. Whatever you choose, make sure it incorporates a good number of “full-body” movements like the clean and press, conventional deadlift, OH squat, etc. since you’ve been focusing on legs for a while.


Thanks for the input so far. I’m satisfied if I can gain even a little muscle, without putting on fat in the process.

Dan, just to be clear I did Limping twice/week and Super Strength (upper body) twice/week. I want a similar program that is 4x week, focuses on full body movements, and covers all the basic muscles.

Or maybe I should get out of that groove because that is what I’ve done the last 3 years? I’ve never actually done a program to just build chest, for example.

Any specific programs you guys can recommend?

A different route here–

Why such a major concern about some fat gain at only 145?

If nothing else–go in cycles to get where you want to go. Dan is right int hat you can gain muscle/strength with little to no fat gain, but you better not be expecting results any time soon.
Cycles work better and faster.

145 probably doesn’t sound like much, but I am still a good 15% BF. I have a few size 30 pants, and don’t want to get so fat I can’t fit into them any more.

If it takes longer to build muscle that way, I’m cool with it. Also, I’m 39 so the process probably takes longer in any case.

I’m looking for a solid 4x week program that will build overall strength (if slowly) and keep me lean. Thanks again for any suggestions.

Bump for any program suggestions. Links or book recommendations are appreciated.

Well, to a certain extent Im right, and on the other hand, wrong.

I didnt plan on giving a highly detailed explination about bulking and fat gain. It is possible to gain muscle without gaining significant amounts of fat, although it would require a VERY clean diet, alot of hard work, and most likely very good genetics.

You have a 30" waist and you’re 5’6" and 145lbs. I would focus on eating plenty of lean meats, veggies, fruits, whole-grain bread, oatmeal, beans, cottage cheese, yogurt, skim milk and other natural foods and slowly increase calories each day/week (about 250 calories per day extra - manipulate as needed).

If you’re training is good (I would recommend something with more intensity/volume than Ian’s program), then you can pack on some lean mass. Even if you go up to a 32" waist, I wouldn’t worry about it. More muscle will look better on your frame than trying to keep a 30" waist.

Thanks for the advice Nate. I do eat pretty clean now, and may try gradually increasing my intake as you suggest.

Is there a good high intensity/volume program you can suggest as a follow up to Ian’s program?


Nobody has a program you can recommend?

Try some of CW’s stuff. I had great results with ABBH. It’s a good “introduction” to a higher volume/higher intensity program. Also, many of his other programs are great too. Read over the Waterbury Method, The Art of Waterbury, TBT and others!

Thanks man, I’ll check it out.