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what next?

what’s up guys. I’ve been taking 2ml/weekly of the supertest250 which is roughly 500 mg and to white capsules a day of what my supplier told me was winstrol for four weeks. I’m taking the 10 mg caps of winstrol one before i eat breakfast and one before lunch. I’ve been working out hard for 3 years now and i’ve plateaued so i decided to do a cycle. I want to build lean more lean muscle and keep the water retention down? How does this sound. I also plan on using clomid and hair genesis because balding does run in the family. Let me know what you think. I’m really etchy about the balding and I want to be cut for summer. so i was thinking about subbing the test with deca after i get done with my last shot next week or should I go ahead and get another bottle the supertest and just do a whole 10 weeks of this cycle. Would I be wasting my time if i just stopped the test after next week and finish with five more weeks of deca and use post clomid. I can get a hold of anything. i’ve put on 10 lbs. in the last four weeks but i’m only five seven and i’d like to get back down to 185 and be ripped and big for the summer. " If ignorance is bliss then knock the smile off my face." Rage

“What next” should have been “What first?”

You need to look to your diet and not to pills and syringes to reach your “ripped” goal.


Yeah man seriously… Starting deca at this point and dropping your test off will leave you quite displeased re: your ability to get a boner. It can also be a hard drug to recover from. Your best bet is to either continue with your test and winstrol (are you taking only 20mg/daily? I like closer to 100 myself, but ok…) for 8 weeks, then begin PCT. Cycles of longer than 8 weeks are not too widely used because the longer you are on for the greater of an issue suppresion becomes. I doubt you used HCG during cycle, so using longer than 8 weeks is ill advised, especially if you plan on incorparating deca. Are you using any anti-estrogen at all?

As for your PCT, do 2 weeks of 50-100mg clomid daily, then 2 weeks of 25-50mg clomid daily, depending on how you feel. If you can get ahold of nolvadex, that is the superior recovery drug, and should be used at 40mg/day for 2 weeks, followed by 20mg/day for 2 weeks.

Personally i would finish my 8 weeks, do PCT and stay away from steroids till i’ve read a lot more. Very serious chemicals you are playing with that can have serious consequences if misused, not to mention the fact that you’re wasting your money and efforts not doing using them properly.

I appreciate your reply. I do have clomid coming for post-therapy. The winstrol tablets that i have are little white ones. They’re from Mexico because that’s where my buddy goes to get his gear. He told me to take two a day and I trust him because I’ve known him for a while and you would probably trust him to if you saw how incredibly swole this guy is. But anyways, i’m new to the game so I just want your feedback. I’ve done some reading and I know about clomid. how many milligrams are the little white oral tablets from mexico. and also, If I was to do deca should I take the test with it to prevent the deca dick?

Just cause you trust him doesn’t mean he knows what he’s talking about.

Oh and if your “buddy” knows so much about juicing why ask us.

The general rule for preventing deca dick is to run test with it, with your test dosage being at least as high or higher than your deca dosage. As for coming off and recovery, that can be a bitch with deca. Half life is 14-16 days which means if you get a good dose running, it will be alive and kickin in your system for a long time after your last shot. Bear in mind that deca takes a long time to start showing an effect, some people say as long as 2-4 weeks. Starting it now might not be of much use. Also if you havent used HCG to this point, by the end of 10 weeks, you are going to be fairly heavily suppressed. Recovery will be not fun to say the least. Depending on the dosage of deca you were using, you would likely have to wait 3,4 or more weeks after the last injection to begin PCT.

I have no idea what kind of winstrol you’re taking. There are a great deal of UG winny tablets out there. I have heard of quite a few 10mg mexican winny tabs, so if i had to guess i’d say thats what you’re taking, but that is just a guess. Do you even know if its winstrol? Ask your “buddy”.

Just to point out, ones knowledge of steroids should consist of more than just “my buddy told me to take 3 of these a day and inject this twice a week so thats what i’m doing”. Thats just foolish. I stand by my earlier statement that you should finish this cycle and plan a proper one next time around once you have a full understanding of what you’re doing to yourself.