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What next?

I jut finished a 5X5 routine 5 weeks of it and in 2 weeks I will be starting a mag-10 cycle… Any thoughts on what kind of workout I should do for these next 2 weeks before the mag-10 cycle.


Olympic lifting alternated with high-rep protocols to prep the joints. As well, I’d suggest heavy grip work so it’s not the limiting factor while “on”.

Try Growth Surge Phase I prior to Mag-10 and I would HIGHLY reccomend Growth Surge Phase II while “on” Mag-10.


El machines post made sence and by all means follow it but i would also say just have fun with training durring this time. If your doing the Mag 10 plan for success it looks pretty strict, so i would get outside and do some stuff. Maybe do some sprints, med ball work, sledgehammer stuff. Oly lifts are also fun. I would be doing as much stuff that i didnt do in 5x5 and wont be doing in plan for success as possible. Another idea would be to make one of the weeks an active recovery week.