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What Next After 5s Pro?

Currently doing 5s PRO 5x5 FSL on a 9 day rotation. I’m on “ week” 5. This program has been great for me since it gives me time to recover between the big lifts. Doing all the main lifts in 1 week wears me out over time.

Looking for recommendations on what to do after week 6.


That depends on your goals. If 5s PRO 5x5 FSL is working for you, why not deload and do that again?


I’ve thought about that. Probably will just do that unless I hear other good ideas. When I’ve done AMRAP sets in the past I’ve found recovery more difficult.

At what point do I reset? 5 cycles forward, 2 back. Or do I just keep on going until I cannot make the reps and then reset? I’m in no rush.

I haven’t run 5s PRO consistently enough to be able to answer that I’m afraid. I would probably run it until it’s no longer submaximal training.

Edit: I believe @antiquity is pretty experienced at 5s PRO and will be able to point you in the right direction, unless you’re lucky enough for Big Jim to chime in.

I would suggest keeping with 5’s PRO, but perhaps changing the supplement. You can try 5x10 (BBB), or widowmaker sets, or some combination.

6s pro obviously

If shit is working, ride that wave. Don’t sabotage your training because of the bullshit of “you gotta switch stuff up”.

The only other suggestion I would get behind is what Antiquity said - you can start fucking with the supplemental work. But remember when you do that, when you add more of one thing - you gotta take something out. And in this case, you’d have to limit or disregard the assistance.

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Thanks for the response. At what point do I reset? When things get too grindy?

Every lift is going to have a sweet spot with the TM - another reason why you are constantly monitoring your training and keeping a training log. Generally speaking, the HEAVIEST we set a TM is when your 95% lift (final lift on 5/3/1 week) is a 5RM. Of course, you may have a bad day but you will know when this happens.

Once you can’t get 5 reps at 95%, you need to reset the TM of that particular lift.