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What Neurotype?

CT, what would be the neurotype of someone who hates training but, sees it as necessary to looking good naked? How should they train? I am assuming most bang for your buck sessions/exercises would be key.

That doesn’t tell me what their neurotype is… it’s like asking “I hate pizza, what is my neurotype?”


but if you really hate training as u said, you missed alot of gainz, its psychological, you should like that to improve your body composition and ur mentale

and we feel so good after a training damn

Find something that you enjoy that is fairly active and live a healthier lifestyle. You don’t have to lift to look good naked.

I say find a way to make training enjoyable for them. If they are more naturally attracted to endurance sports, use circuit training for example. But not everybody will have what it takes to train hard. Lifting weights is not for everybody, just like jogging or cycling is not for everybody either