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What Needs to Improve Before My Show?

I was prepping for a men’s physique show in the spring before it got cancelled due to covid-19 so I am taking the year to attempt to gain size before stepping on stage next summer. So this is obviously my not super conditioned look
Be honest what I need to improve. No hard feelings lol
I weigh in at 212 lbs at 6’2’. Been training for about 3-4 years of knowing what I am doing. Began training weighing 135 lbs
My legs are obviously a super weak point for me that I have been working on lol

Traps and legs IMO.

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Calves and everything that will reinforce your v-taper: shoulders, back, traps

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I’d say that everything looks a little better when tighter, so anything I throw out now, could change if you were to tighten up for just three or four weeks to get a better idea of where you’re at.

With that said though, and having judged many many contests, I would want to see thicker Pecs, rear delts, and lower Lats. Calves are also something good to see, but half the time, and entire lineup is lacking so what can you do? -lol.



This log was done by a forum member who’s not around much anymore but he did a fantastic job of logging his physique show prep and he did really well for his first time. It might be worth looking at for your own prep.

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I miss @jackolee

I necer talked much too him but he always had good advice for others I’d end up using.

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