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What Needs Improvement? What Looks Good?

Hi, I’m doing this just as a hobby for now, but I would really appreciate some guidelines as to what needs improvement and what looks good. Thanks!

you’re off to a fantastic start.

Thanks! Anything that need priority in your eyes?

Whatever you feel like. Since you have no stated goals, it’s impossible to help you more than that. If you’re looking to step onto a bodybuilding stage or physique contest, then everything needs to grow, significantly. If you just want to look good at the beach, then you’re probably closer to your goal, but that’s an entirely subjective matter. Some people would love to be where you are. Others would hate it. But asking strangers on the internet ‘how do I look’ will rarely, if ever, be remotely helpful.

Thanks, I guess I don’t really mind as long as I am in proportion. And I would like to get everything a bit bigger. So I guess my question is more about what my weakest points and my strongest points are in proportion to the rest.

Put on more muscle everywhere.

What is your age, height and weight?

One body part that has a lot of potential is your thighs. You have pronounced long lines. As you get better they will pop!

Thanks, I would not have guessed my thighs as a potential strong point. Very useful! I’m 20, 178 cm (5’10) and around 70 kg (154 lb), although I have been 74 kg (163) before.

Whatever you do don’t allow anyone to tell you to slack off the leg work until the rest of your body catches up. They will spew some nonsense that you don’t have good symmetry.

I have always had pretty symmetry (my thighs were lagging). I had been competing for about four years and a judge that judged many contests I was in, told me. “You always look like you have a nice physique, but nothing stands out. You need something to catch the eye.”

Freaky quads are a great eye catcher. You will need put on 40 more pounds of muscle at 5’ 10".

you’re too small to be asking this question,if you want an honest answer.

I agree. For reference, I am the same height, and my profile picture is in the 190’s.

I had a rule of thumb that being 6’ 0", I needed to be 10lbs per inch heavier to look the same size as my competitor. That is, being 6’ and 215lbs (my typical contest weight), a person 5’ 11" at 205lbs would look on stage the same size as me. Or a person 6’ 2" would need to 235lbs to look as big on stage as me. (Note fat weight is of no benefit)

Disclaimer: The 10lb/inch might only work for people of the same muscular development as me.