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What Needle Size Do You Use?


Hey guys,

I'm on my first cycle of test-E@ 500mg/week and loving it. First, my personal testimony about it so far. I cooked up my own and got some D-bol and fareston. I don't like D-bol very much because of major shutdown feeling and makes me a little tired so I dropped it for this cycle. The fareston is amazing, incorporate it into your next cycle if you have the chance. I felt the test-E the day after I injected and it's amazing. Well that's enough about me.

I use a 20 gauge needle and wonder what you use and like?


25 1 in all the way around to inject. 20 1.5 in. to draw.


23gauge 1 inch long

or if you wanna feel like billy badass go with the 21 gauge :wink:

oh wait you already use 20 gauge..dude you're gunna have some major scar tissue build up


I used those, its as thin as an insulin needle. took forever to squeeze oil based juice thru it


One inch, shit I was thinking 23G at 1.5 for injection.


23G 1.5" for everything everywhere


Ditto that. Pretty universal for drawing and injecting.


Needles? I thought we were all men here who would stab funnels into their quad and simply pour the gear right in! At least that's what I do.

Actually, I plan on using a higher gauge for my first cycle because I am a pussy like that. I am leaning towards a 23 gauge 1.5".


BDE you won't regret the 23G 1.5" its really the perfect compromise. Its tolerable in the small areas like bis, tris and calves if you even use those. For the main 4 ventro, glute, delt and quad its like buttery smooth


I don't have any small areas. :slight_smile:


Well stated. :wink:
Proportionally smaller areas.
Points the same, 23G is the best compromise IMO


Water based IM - orange 27G tips (a guess)
Oil Based large IM - green 21G tips
Oil Based Small IM - blue 23G/Orange 27G tips
SC - 29-31G microfine slin pins
IV - 29-31G microfine slin pins

Long live the needle fixation!


23GA 1.5 inch. Buy them by the box. Ive used a 1 inch pin a few times when I was out and got a couple free ones from a buddy he got from a needle exchange and it just wasnt deep enough.


30G 0.5". 21G to draw.


Started with 22's as a noob, went to 25's for my next cycle and haven't gone back since.

Also, in my humble opinion, if you have decently low bodyfat there is no need for anything longer than 1". I believe this is where people run into all the trouble with nerves and sore ass injection points.


I can hit any site with a 25g 1" pin. If I shoot slin or any peptide I use a 1/2" 29 gauge pin.


Bump dean and 2the's posts about 1" being plenty if you're staying relatively lean.

22g to draw
25g to pin (heat the oil beforehand)
29g slins as well



Dopa.. what and where are you injecting with a 30gauge needle?

And to the OP, jesus boy go get some thinner pins.

I am using 23G and 25G depending on site all 1" long



do you burry the 1 inch pins to the heels or would you say 3/4 inch of it is still plenty..in your opinion


All the way. If you have a bit sticking out, then you tend to move the needle in and out of your body as you inject, increasing tissue damage, but mostly increasing the risk of IV injection.