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What Muscle Groups Should Be Trained Together?

Hello guys I need some help on what muscle groups I should be training together…if anyone can help me on a weekly routine please. I train 5 days a week but really need a good routine of what muscle groups to train together and best days for them thanks in advance

This is like asking what car to buy. All of them can be worked together. You can isolate them totally is you REALLY want (its a bad idea).

What is your training history with recent max efforts, training goals, age, weight and fat (high medium low).
What are your goals? To look pleasing (if so like who) or be strong (if so in what lifts)?


I have been training on and off for 2 years just got back in to it the last few month’s I’m 29 5’8 and 10.5 stone my goal is strength and to build muscle and get to around 12-13 stone

There’s plenty of ways to skin a cat. I think you should just choose a pre written program by a reputable professional that excites you because the reality is that they all work if executed well.

The search function on this site would probably help you avoid most of the Instagram trainers and bullshit out there.


Pretty sure @samul said medial delts are best trained on a Wednesday. No seriously man just do what @dagill2 said. Pick a program you like and work hard.


Well, Wednesday and Thursday are the most medial days of the week so… You have a point


Lots and lots of ways to do this really, if I was a beginner training 5 times a week I’d probably do something like either:

Monday upper body, Tuesday lower body, Thursday upper body, Friday lower body, Saturday abs and cardio.


Monday Lower body quad focus, Tuesday push, Wednesday Pull, Thursday lower body hamstring focus, Friday arms + abs + maybe cardio/circuit training etc.


Monday: Squats & bench press & triceps
Tuesday: Pull ups, biceps rear delts
Wednesday: Deadlifts & OHP/delts & traps, triceps.
Thursday: Rows, biceps & rear delts.
Friday: Abs + cardio + just hit anything you feel you needs a bit of extra work.

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All these are good ideas. My little bit:
I like full body workouts for beginners. 2 work outs, Work outs A and B. You train them 3 times a week - never on back to back days. And swap them, so every 2 weeks you do 3 of each work out.
The short hand for this is: ABA BAB.
Starting Strength and Strong Lifts are two simple enough examples of this. Both run out of usefulness quite quickly thought. So be prepared to make changes relatively quickly.

Al alternative is 531 for beginners. That is full body 3x a week.

This leave you 2 days a week were you can’t do weights. Do some sort of CV work. The benefits of 2 interval training sessions a week are untold. I’m not talking balls to the wall dying. But a 100m run (at 85%) every 2 mins is manageable. Start with 5 runs, work your way to 10. That’s enough.


X2 with others said above Something like SS for 6-8 weeks then run through proven programs off the Tnation part of site.
Either of these below a good start…

Read a bunch of Dan John articles also


Dan John’s “Lessons from Southwood” is ACE!

I really wish I had found that as novice lifter.


As linked above.

I’ve never run it, but I wish I had as a beginner.

You know what - South Complex sounds pretty nasty.
8 power cleans, 8 press, 8 front squats - then put the bar down
followed for 6, followed for 4.

Do this with 50kg and see the results…

I’ve always really enjoyed training biceps and triceps in the same workout so I do chest/shoulders together and then back/bicep/tricep the next day even though it results in hitting triceps back to back. Although, because of various arthritic issues in one shoulder all my chest work is 30 and 45 degree incline presses and pec dec and most shoulder work is landmine presses and lateral and rear raises so my triceps don’t get hit quite as hard on chest/shoulder day as if I was doing flat bench and OH press I guess. But the combined pump effect of training bis/tris together is extremely motivating to me. Bottom line is I believe it can be beneficial to group certain body parts together in unconventional ways if it motivates you more, like grouping your 2 or 3 favorite body parts in one training session so you really look forward to that work out. You may have to be a little more careful with exercise selection but I wouldn’t get too hung up on having to do all push and all pull together or worry about hitting the same body part consecutively because you think you can’t do triceps after a press day for example.

This could get hilarious.
You have to train proximal angles (think RDL) on Monday, and distal (dips, maybe?) on Friday.


This reminds me of a program I saw somewhere that had you train your left arm and right leg one day, then your right arm and left leg the next day. I’m not kidding.


My favorite 5 day split is:

  • Push
  • Pull
  • Legs
  • Upper
  • Lower
    where the first 3 are more traditional bodybuilding focused and last 2 are strength focused on big compound movements.