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What Muscle Group Will Be Lacking?


So here is a workout that someone kindly gave me😊

push day…
leg press or Smith squat 4x10
leg extention 4x12
Low incline Smith press 4x10
dumbell shoulder press 4x12
Close hand press ups 3x failure

pull day…
Romanian deadlifts 4x8
Leg curls 4x12
Chin ups 40 reps in what ever sets
bent over row 4x10
bicep curl 4x10

Bonus day.
Dips 40 reps
lateral raises 4x20
Hanging leg raises 4x what ever you can do
Any exercise you enjoy for 4 sets.

After a few months of this what muscle group will be lacking?
I was thinking on the bonus day to akternate the "exercise i enjoy "
For example there is no trap training so maybe 3 weeks do shrugs as the enjoy exrrcise then change to maybe a chest exercise.

Thoughts people?
I am not a normal person when it comes to what muscle groups i want to be noticeable etc.
A typical teenager my age would be obsessed with biceps. But me nope
Shoulders,triceps,traps,legs,chest,back is what i favour.
I see no point in adding a extra bicep exercise to the bonus day as the chinups,bemt over rows and curls are working them sufficiently.
Shoulders are getting a fair amount of work and i think maybe i should add calves training into the program.


That’s why I added the any exercise you enjoy bit. When looking at a routine like I wrote out above it is never gonna satisfy everyone. Someone is gonna look and go “how the hell are my arms gonna grow without concentration curls” or “my traps will lag without shrugs”

that bonus day exercise is not gonna make or break your success but it will satisfy whatever need you think you have and keep you sane.

You really have to do this as written, with sensible weights sticking to the rep range and tempo whilst maintaining perfect form without needing a spot. When you can do that then increase the weight by the smallest amount possible and go again.

Remember its the push and pull days that are of most importance, so your week should look something like this.
Monday push
Tuesday pull
Wednesday rest
Thursday push
Friday rest
sat bonus
Sunday rest

then Monday of the next week starts with pull.

If you only make it to the gym 3 days in the week then it’s push, pull push or pull, push, pull depending on how it falls but it’s not push, pull, bonus day. Hope that makes sense.


Thanks dude i really love your advice!
So for one week its 2 push one pull then the next its two pull one push?

I can have access to the gym Sundays,mondays,tuesdays,thursdays,fridays so il probably do Sunday push,monday pull tuesday rest wednesday rest thursday push friday bonus. Saturday rest.


Yep makes sense so the bonusday is really just a fun day not really super important but more of an accessory


Yeah you have got it, a routine has got to be enjoyable to some extent or its difficult to stick to. You have to trust me that the above does work if you just stick to it

when I did it the squats and deadlifts where normal barbell but if that’s not an option then you gotta work with what you have

before I did this routine I had trained body part split with every exercise going for a year and made zero progress. This routine transformed me even though everyone around me told me it wouldn’t work.

This is around a year apart, don’t have many pictures other than holiday pics. I’m around 28lbs up in the second picture. Second picture was 4 years ago, I’m probably 20lbs heavier now but leaner.


Im going to be doing dumbell squats and i mean the smith machine is hard to get the form right but then its ok i guess.
The dumbells go up to 35 kilos so dumbell squatting 70 is alright for me at the moment il just be taking the reps nice and slow…

And i absolutely believe your program will work because well its better then doing a split of going to the gym and doing random back and biceps exercise. Which was just stupid


I think il be able to do it for a long time without a halt in gains.
Just as you said nice and controlled reps woth good form and when that gets easier go up in weight slightly!
I mean the gym i have access to is kinda week. The leg press goes up to 100kilos because it has a weight stack like a lat pulldown machine etc. And i can do that for ten reps and i could do more if i tried but that was just me messing around at the gym with a mate.
So eventually i will struggle with gains as the dumbells arent that high and il eventually become to strong for most of the things in the gym.
But thats a long way away and i dont have to worry about that for now


You have the leg press also don’t you? That could also come in handy when you have reached your max with dumbells.

Moving on to a full body part split a good bit of time down the line would be a good decision, but when people jump straight into that without learning the skills needed it mostly doesn’t work as well. At your current stage it’s quality over quantity that’s will be key.


Yeah it will bro and if the leg press the max is goes to is 100 kilo and i can always do single leg press if normal leg press gets two easy


Wrote that out before I read your bit about low weight on leg press

when you do get to stage running out of weight for your legs, do the leg kicks first to pre exhaust and that will make your squats much harder. Or as you have said switch to single leg.


To clarify, rather than having big biceps, you just want every other muscle to be big BUT biceps?

Why not just strive for everything to get big?

I don’t see anything that will be lacking with that program.


I guess i worded it wrong :sweat_smile:
But just a well rounded physique basically


@kd13 i was thinking to just ditch the bonus day and instead do this. Monday tuesday push pull. Wednesday rest thursday friday push pull Saturday rest sunday light cardio.
At the end of the workouts do abbs light then tuesday do 4 sets total. Say 2 sets of leg raises bodyweight then two sets weighted. Then thursday go light for abbs training then thursday train abbs hard again.
I think this approach will work good. And as well as doing the same thing with calves.
Iv noticed and from research learnt that calves and abbs are very similar in how they are trained (sets of 25-30 reps)
And they are a small fast recovering muscle group.
I dont really need a fun bonus day as i like to workout just in general. I think il benefit a lot more from ditching it and adding another pull etc.

Or do you think by having four workouts a week itl be overtraining?.
I think itl work just fine as the muscles are getting adequate rest between pushand pull sessions.
Maybe on one of the days like the last day of the training week since il have two days of i was thinking add an extra isolation exercise for tricep like maybe 40 dips on the last push workout to make up for bonus day.
And on one pull day add in some smith shrugs or upright rows.


Tomorrow il be doing a push workout then thursday pull.
Im going to stay at my aunties for 8days on friday so i wont be able to go to the gym😢


It’s getting further and further from what I have written! If you don’t think it will work as I have laid it out just do something different all together. Your trying to change it without ever running it as written, that’s pretty shitty.


Im not saying i am going to change it like that at all.
Im just wondering how i can get calf gains from no calf training.
Etc etc there is only one exercise for chest and for 4 sets.
This confuses me as to how i can get maximum chest gains from just one exercise in a workout with not much sets ?
There is alot of bicep work in there but minimal tricep work .

I don’t doubt this program but wouldnt a whole session devoted to say chest and triceps be better than a push workout with one chest exercise ?


You are CLEARLY doubting this program with all of these questions.


Perhaps i am. But i am very new to this so i have a lot of questions and little knowledge


Easy fix; get experience.

Spend 10 years lifting weights. By then, you’ll be 24, plenty young and ready to make some serious progress. You’ll learn a lot in those 10 years, assuming you push yourself hard.


Haha! Sounds like a plan☺