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What Muscle Does This Exercise Target?


I really want to know what muscle target this exercise?

This one looks like it would really hit my chiropractors bank account. Probably wouldn’t take many reps and it would be swole

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The Quadratus Lumborum.

Training it.

Why you train it.

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Thanks you…now…i have another question about abs that i don t understand…i put two photos…the red zone muscle is pretty big on me and the blue one dosen t…i can touch mu bones on the blue zone…i want to know if the blue zone is external oblique and the red one is internal? Or both are external?

Both of those are the External Obliques. They look like different muscles because they are attached to different ribs.

Your Internal Obliques are underneath those. They go more “up and down” than the External ones, which go more “front to back.”


Ooook…but i don t know why i grow the red zone more than the blue one…is because i don t do plank or twisted crunch? I do normal crunches on bench and leg raises

Hanging leg raises or leg raises off a bench?

Like this Flat Bench Lying Leg Raise - YouTube

And sometimes i lift my butt up and contract the lower abs

Progress past that version.

Those muscles help connect your ribs to your pelvis. Challenge them from both ends.

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And from the upper parts of the ribs…twisted crunches are good?

Just pull your elbows towards your knees as you pull your knees towards your elbow when you do the hanging stuff.

If you must do crunches, try them on a ball so you have more room to Twist your ribs and pull your elbow to your knees.

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Thank you so much !

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Anytime man! Good luck!

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