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What multivitamin?

Going on T-Dawg next week and thinking of taking multivitamins. I need them, right? What brand would you guys recommend? Hopefully something i can find at the local Wallgreens.

I just use a centrum clone “Central Vite” by Safeway.

There are a lot of nutrients in the protein I supplement with.


I would tell you to find one that says that is natural from food sources. If you are looking for the best type of multi, there are a lot of nutrients found in natural vitamins that cannot be identified but play important roles in the body. You dont get these from synthetic vitamins made in a lab. And yes you need them.

The stuff looks a little expensive to me though www.cooperwellness.com/overview.asp . Looking around on my own, I’ve found that the Purity Perfect Multi looks pretty good. My friend’s mom swears by Juice Plus and sells it at cost to all her friends, but it’s still a bit expensive for a grad student.

Anyone have any expert knowledge on this topic? The friend whose mom obsessed with Juice Plus says that most multis suck b/c they don’t have stuff like enzymes and bioflavonoids. The Purity product seems to emphasize those. Wish I knew more myself.

There’s too much mystery in this area. Someone please drop the knowledge.

the three best multis (IMHO) are
enhanced energy - by KAL
super green multi - by bluebonnet
source of life - by nature’s plus
these three are all made primarily of “green” foods. they can be digested easily, thus making the vitamins in the pills available to be used by the body. the binders in them break down simply in the stomach, giving the user the most bang.
i wouldn’t reccommend taking a centrum or any walmart style knockoff. those are generally full of filler and binder making the stuff we want hard to utilize. the three i listed are a bit pricey, and you need to remember to take em thrice a day, but definitely worth it. basic multis may not be better than nothing, aside from peace of mind. speaking of peace…

far and away the most complete multi-vitamen in the world ; life extension mix caps/ can be ordered at www.lef.org – lots of good preventitive stuff here also.

I pop 2 Twinlab Dualtabs every morning.

I asked John Berardi this very question and he says that he takes a Centrum Multi everyday, and that’s it. Go figure!

Well, I agree that the chemically processed brands of vitamins (i.e. Jamieson, etc.) would not be the best of choices when concerned with the quality and bio-availability of the compounds. Several of my clients and myself as well have been taking the Nutrilite brand of vitamins for the past 6-months and we have noticed a significant difference (switched from pharmacy bought brands). I decided to use this brand since a good friend of mine turned me on to them and they are the only brand that grows their own crops on their own certified-organic farms, processes their own plants and then ships the finished products directly to their customers to guarantee freshness. I never plan on changing to any other brand. nutrilite.com
But, once again, something is better than nothing!

I take GNC’s Mega Men. I had three warts disappear after I started taking it.

I just realized that i have some Centrum here. How does it compare to the vitamins listed here?

Anyone wanna get back to me about Centrum?

Anyone have any experience or knowledge about the Super Nutrition Opti Pack. Back in the old days of Muscle Media 2000 one of their writers (Michael Mooney) used to reccomend this supplement. They also ran ads for it in MM2K and it was endorsed by Olympic Lifting coach Dragomir Cirosalan. I’ve used it in the past and thought it was a good product, but was looking for any other feedback. I believe netrition.com sells it.

Is a Generic Kirkland multi ligit?

Hey Bud,

Centrum is a bit of an under-rated multi if you ask me. Sure it isn’t perfect, but it’s cheap and available and in all honesty it is pretty good. One of the reasons I like Centrum is that it has a little bit of a lot of stuff. I know many folks will say it doesn’t have enough of this or that, or say the bio-availability isn’t quite what it could be. But the point is you are taking the multi to help fill in possible gaps. If you know you have major gaps you need to fix them, not just take a general vitamin. It is a supplement, not your prime source of anything. As a supplement I think it does just fine. Just my opinion.

I remember the Opti-Pack from the MM2K days. I never tried them but always wanted to. Anyone know if this is a whole-food based multiple?

Trying to find a good multi-vitamin at your local Walgreens is like trying to find a Playboy Bunny at a cattle auction. The best multi out there is Super Nutrition’s Opti-Pak call 800-262-2116. Mauro DiPasquale makes a good one too. Go to my supplement store link on my website to see it.

I like Super Complete Capsules by Ultimate Nutrition.

I use Ultra Mega Gold from GNC. I’m not sure how good they are compared to others really, but they make my piss so yellow, it almost glows in the dark. I recall TC, I think, saying he uses this brand.