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What Multi-Vitmain is Recommended?

Hey all,

I run alot ( several miles a day), 5-6 times a week and also lift about 4 times a week. I was taking Centrum Performance Mutli-Vitamin and was curious to know if there is a better Multi-Vitamin on the market. I know minerals & vitamins are pretty much the same in all the different multis out there but curious if there is one that has better formulations than the others. Please let me know

I take usana essentials and I think this is one of the finest multi’s available.


Many times the large pharma companies don’t produce high potency stuff; see if you can get more strength (50 mgs. of the Bs for ex.) for marginally higher cost.

My wife and I also supplement with Usana (Essentials) for our vitamins/minerals. Each box(28 day supply)comes with two bottles(1 vitamin/1 mineral). Take three tablets of each every day. It is the brand that Ian King recommends to his clients and on his website. Supposedly it has the best forms and most ideal potencies of both vitamins and minerals. We have enjoyed them for the last couple of months.

With the sake of comformity I like the Ultra Megas at GNC. High B’d and enzymes. Also mix fresh fruits like bananananas, pineapple, papya in your drinks. I even put in that crazy dark green algae powder sometimes. PS: it hurts when i pee. LMAO

I take Twinlab’s Dual Tabs and they have a high potency of pretty much every vitamin and mineral. The downside is, you have to take 4 pills to get the label dosage. If you’d rather take a one-a-day pill, take a look at Twinlab’s Super Twins. Before I get flamed, no, I don’t have any financial interest in Twinlab, I just like their multivitamins.

Life Force by Source Naturals is probably by far the best formulation.

Dualtabs by Twinlab are very good at 4 a day. Sports Fuel is better, but much more expensive to take the recommended daily dose.

Beverly International’s, Ultra Pack and Superpack are hands down Number 1 for Bodybuilders made with the highest quality. I prefer to sperate the vitamin C and Mineral Tablets postworkout, and take the other vitamins in the morning with breakfast.

I have heard that the Centrum pills are covered in the same wax as what you put on your car, bot for sure but came from a pretty informative guy. I sure like the GNC Mega Man.