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What MP3 Player Do You Use?


Thinking about finally getting a player for my workouts (both HIIT and weights). Leaning towards a nano for its small size.

What are you all using? Anyone find a player that stays in place and is not a distraction when lifting and running?


Treo 600


Shuffle. No display to worry about. Case is nice and rigid.


I use an IRiver H100 or H300 can't remember exact model but it has 20gigs of storage, ok user interface and has withstood several drops while riding a bicycle and at the gym. I can't complain really. The only thing wrong with it, would be the user interface which isn't speedy when you are going alphabetically from Drowning Pool to Shinedown with 100-200 songs between the two.

It is kind of hard to lift with it at times. Most of the time I just tuck it into the waist band (inside of my boxer/briefs) and it stays there pretty well. Gets me some odd looks at times though.

Just make sure to get some comfortable headphones. I hate those mini buds that come with many and have the "over the ear" type and they work ok. More comfortable for me than the minibuds.


If you plan to use it during work-outs it should be flash based. The ones with a harddisk are just to fragile.

Not that a flash based player can withstand a dumbell dropped onto it, but at least it has some chance of surviving the weightroom. It will never become it's natural habitat though.

Anyway, I use the creative muvo. Creative comes with a couple of earplugs that aren't half bad. Most standard plugs are just complete shite.


do you guys strap it to your arm or let it dangle (and I am still talking about MP3 players)?


I-Pod Mini.


ipod nano - no question. I use them with the Sony sports headphones. To me, an optimal hookup.

get an armband and you can tuck the wires under your t-shirt. You barely know you have it on, it's that light.


Standard clicker-wheel 20GB iPod, if I bought another one I'd go with a shuffle.

The one I have is the second one I've used, the first one broke within the warrenty period and they sent me another.


I got a 60GB iPod video for xmas, but it's "in the shop." I haven't tried it for working out, yet.


iPods are gay


Bought a Creative Zen Vision:M (30gb) mp3 player [songs/photos/videos] the other day. So far so good.


You can fit one around your arm?

dazed and confused


Creative Zen Nano Plus 1GB

*FM receiver
*the same size and weight as a disposable zip lighter
*voice recorder

nuff said


4 Gig Nano.
Love it. Love it. LOOoooOOVe it!
Got a case with a belt clip. I clip it on, forget it and go.
Plus I listen to it in my car and all day at work. (attachments not included.)


Yeha I can't put any mp3 players around my arm either. I use a Rio sport.


My little sister wanted an ipod mini for Christmas, but they were sold out. So my parents bought her a 30gb ipod video, and got one for me just because I didn't really ask for/want anything.


What an insightful post!


I actually use one of my old 42" belts to strap it around my arm cuz I'm omfg 1337 swole! Just wanted to make sure there wasn't a better way...


I use an I-Pod shuffle and just got a little belt clip (http://www.circuitcity.com/rpsm/oid/121178/rpem/ccd/productDetail.do) to clip it to the waist of my shorts. The arm bands piss me off because they're either too tight or they shift around. I like the shuffle because there is no display to break, no batteries to install, and I really dig the I-Tunes software.