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What Movie Was This?


When I was a kid, I watched this Hercules movie over and over. It had Hercules as a baby killing the snakes, and then the Gods sent down a robotic monster that killed his parents. He then goes on some quests and the Gods send down at least two more mechanical beasts which he beats the hell out of. There is also a part where he gives his blood to an old woman who then turns into a hot chick. It kind of had a dissatisfying ending with Hercules and the hot woman flying into space. Any idea?




Close, I guess. I found out which movie it was sheerly by accident. Hercules with Lou Ferrigno. I guess I didn't recognize him with the beard. it had a sequel as well. Pretty trippy stuff. I wonder if I'd still enjoy it.


That fine ass lady at 28 seconds in Sybil Danning. So damn pretty. So fucking pretty.


Hi Tulkastaldo,

If you ever have an questions about movies, a great site to jump on (if you didn't already know) is:


It is the international movie data base. It may not have helped you in this case since you really didn't have much to go on, but for future reference it has helped me out a million times when I have been in situations like yours.

Mike Cruickshank


The i in imdb stands for Internet, not international.

Sorry for playing the acronym nazi...


I HAVE to see this movie!