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What Motivates You to Lift Heavy ?

Push always makes me want to fight a wolf to the death with my bare hands.

That’s why I lift. I feel like I should be able to kill anything less than or equal to my bodyweight. Except maybe a cougar. Maybe.

I want to crush everyone around me into pure shit and decimate all competition

Because I couldn’t respect myself if I didn’t push for numbers in the gym. I couldn’t be like everyone else and go for shallow subjective goals of what is ‘hot’ or what is ‘big’. I like relative, meaning a certain number on a lift is fact, nothing is subjective and it takes a sheer amount of character to push yourself beyond what others perceive as normal. I believe this type of lifestyle builds into other areas and becomes a framework in which to percieve the world and the choices we must all make. Its a lifestyle lifting heavy and as time goes by you really learn to value what that means.

Because it makes me happy.
Its THE only thing I look forward to consistently.

because it’s lifting heavy.

no other reason required

One day I want to be strong.

i started lifting because my dad got me a weight set when i was 12 and i started to notice after a couple of months that (looking back now) what little i knew and was doing it was helping me in every sport drastically. It helped me get laid alot in highschool and at that point I realized no one affects my performance but me I control wether I win or loose not someone else and im selfish when it comes to sports so it was aperfect fit.

As i got older i progressed and learned goals changed and thanks to my kids mother and my pure hatred for that bitch im setting prs just about every other week or so. At this point i do it to feel strong and stay sane. Weights have helped me through many dark points of my life and made the bright moments even brighter.

[quote]pushharder wrote:
For when the wolf comes.


Really terrific post, Push. I train for the same reason. There may be a time when I need to defend my family or myself. I want to be confident that I can defeat any enemy that stands before me and, if not, that I’ll die trying. That kind of strength, whether mental or physical, is forged with the iron.

because after starting out weak for a long time it’s awesome to realize you are the big/strong guy in the room.

Lurker here, first time posting.

I think I have a lot of reasons for why I train. I share a lot of ones that have already been mentioned. Good health, wanting to look good, that sort of thing, but none of that really motivates me enough to be dedicated to it. Maybe it should, but I’m not that smart. I value those things, but I’m also lazy and stupid. It’s that whole ready for the wolf thing. Need to be ready for what may come.

This isn’t my story but a good story nonetheless.
At one of the gyms i lift at, i know a desk worker that i see lifter there a lot. My roommate is also a desk worker, so naturally, i made small talk with him, and was joking around about why he always wore such shitty ass shoes (they were literally falling apart). He said motivation. im like what, he said that 2 years ago, he got in a bad motorcycle accident, and couldnt walk for 6 months and the doctors did not know if he could walk again, but there he is, working his ass off, in the same shoes that he wore in his accident.

I lift because ive always been small and i got picked on as a kid, and everyone called me weak. Pretty much just vowed to make no one think im weak ever again.

I lift heavy to scare resolutioners out of the gym

Because I can.

Because when the Zombies come I will be ready

Because I like that I never have to ask for help

Because it makes me feel like a badass chick

Because it has brought me back my confidence

Because I refuse to get old and sore and unable to get in and out of my car. (you ever watch people struggle with that?)

To release all the anger that builds up from seemingly endless days of a mediocre existence. I am trying to incorporate bbing and it simply doesn’t work as well moving heavy shit is the best.

Because I’ve been a determined son a bitch since the day I was born, and lifting isn’t any different.

[quote]critietaeta wrote:
because after starting out weak for a long time it’s awesome to realize you are the big/strong guy in the room.[/quote]

^this + there is always someone stronger in the next room.

Also, my life changed dramatically and for the better when I started lifting, I like the change, so I keep doing “that.”

Finally, it helps me stay in touch with savage side and wargasm often without getting into trouble.

To be honest I started lifting to pick up chicks! Then to hit the long ball in high school. Now I lift because the guy that sits next to me on my engine company relies on me to be at my best at all times. And if shit goes bad I can get him out with no help. I’m no giant by any means (I’m 5’7), so I don’t want guys to think they can’t rely on me. I train like a powerlifter because it gives me a goal to shoot for. I can measure progress with my totals.

Lifting heavy seems to make me feel lighter, faster and more …graceful(?)

The stronger you are relative to your bodyweight the easier you can physically express yourself and do what you want.