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What motivates you to bodubuild/improve your body?

Bodybuilding even natural IS bad for your health

here are some reasons:

1)The more you eat the less you live. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. SO unless you are a genetic freak who can grow by eating no more than 1000 cal a day, than forget about “health”.
Proteins do strain kidneys, and eventually. They might fail (not over few weeks, maybe few decades more like it). Ofcourse experiments usualy dont take that long.
Also another reason why big eating is bad is: you get other chemicals that come with food. If you think that your water is 100% pure, than boy, are you decieving yourself. After thousands of litres those not very harmful chemicials will increase exponentually and bring on some bad side effects.

2)Do you realise the stress you put on the body when it carries additional 50+ pounds, fat or muscle. Ok, put a 50 pounds into your back pack and got up few flight of stairs, or go for a walk. You will see the difference. That how it feels for your lungs, heart, kidneys, etc.

You dont see 250 pound 100 years old do you?

BTW, I had nothing negative in my post yet you all thought that it was a flame…

There you go.