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What motivates you to bodubuild/improve your body?

I debated whether to grace this post with a response. I guess it was Joel Marion’s post that put me over the edge toward answering.

ABC, you are clearly deluded as to the audience you’re addressing. Put down that issue of Flex and read some back issues of T-mag. Figure out who you’re asking, and you’ll find out that you’re questions (past the sirst one) are totally irrelevant. And I can’t think of ONE possible reason why you “need” to know the answers. Maybe you have a paper due for your high school creative writing class or something.

As for why I do it: I have had some sort of athletic pursuit for my entire adolescent and adult life. In jr high and high school, it was basketball and track (and cross country in my later high school years). In college, I migrated into triathlon, and stayed there for quite a while, nearly turning pro. After plateauing there, I turned to bike racing. It was only a few years ago that I put aside the bike to put my energies (and time) into a business venture. I do the weight training as a more time-efficiient means to keep myself in shape.

As for the motivations for what I do: My business venture will surely get me to that “rich” status that you feel is so important, but that’s not why I do it. I have a long list of things I want to accomplish, and less than half of them are related to my lifestyle. I’m glad that, on your list of things that are important, you listed ONE thing that related to some one else. Pull the pole out of your own eye before you try to pluck the splinter out of some one else’s.