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What More Can I Do to Get Abs?

Hi everyone i wanted some ideas or suggestions on what more i can do to help my abs show more i try eating very very clean no sweets no sodas what so ever and i try to always look at my sodium intake i also try to eat every three hours if possible eat lots of greens with every one of my major meals salads and vegi’s also i try and work out every day but mondays (different work outs each day one day chest/tri other days other muscles) so please post your ideas and helpful suggestions here thanks

Yay for run-on sentences.

Also, if you want your abs to show better, you’re going to have to be a little bit more precise with your nutrition.

Start by finding your total Calories including Protein/carb/fat macros and go from there.

I wonder what makes you think you’re entitled to people’s help and time wihtout having the courtesy to write even somewhat coherently.