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What Middleweight Fights Will We See UFC 2018?

Obviously Yoel Romero will fight Robert Whittaker in a rematch for the heavyweight championship but what about: Bisping, Weidman and Rockhold aka the Three Musketeers?

I’d like to see Chris Weidman fight Luke Rockhold again.

I’d also like to see Michael Bisping vs Chris Weidman.

Most logical fight would be Bisping-Rockhold 3 as both fighters are coming off losses?

They should retire.

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I agree that Bisping should retire. His KO of Rockhold was crazy impressive IMO and totally unexpected, but this new crop of fighters (including Romero and Whittaker) will chew him up and spit him out.

I think Rockhold still has the size to be a contender at MW for maybe a couple more years, but even he is seemingly quickly declining.

Weidman has not looked the same since Luke destroyed him; sometimes fighters never recover mentally/emotionally from taking a beating and it seems to me like Chris falls into that category. I think he too should hang em up unless maybe he wants to trade some brain damage for a big paycheck should they offer him a title shot at the winner of Yoel vs Whittaker. But if I were his agent, I wouldn’t suggest he do so unless it’s for a crazy payday or he is really desperate for money. Pride and money are great, but what good are they if you wind up with Parkinson’s or with some other brain injury like we are seeing with so many retired football players and fighters?

Maybe winner of Jacare-Gastelum gets a title shot?

I truly think we’re in the Romero era now as Romero beat both Weidman and Rockhold; this division was really shook up after Bisping won the title off Rockhold in an unforeseen upset.

I would rather see Weidman vs Bisping than see Rockhold-Bisping 3. Then the loser faces Rockhold

Bisping has been entertaining a range of opponents for his retirement fight. I’d like to see Bisping vs Weidman