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What Metallica Song is This?


Theres this metallica song and it starts off like "hey ey.... hey eyy.... hey eyyy... hey eyy" Any ideas what it is? Its got an awesome slowly building beat. Might not even be metallica but sure as hell sounds like it.


A link would help, if available, but I would guess "I Disappear" from the Mission Impossible II soundtrack.


nope its not i dissapear. I dont have a link i just reallly want to know what song it is.


That has to be it.

Here's the song Split.


again its not i dissapear. its more slow at the start and broken up... "hey hey........Hey hey...........Hey hey"


Well hell, I have no clue then, and I am ashamed. The only other Metallica song I know of which has broken up intro lyrics like that isn't really "hey" but more of a "Oh ee ohh" from "The Frayed Ends of Sanity"

Know any more lyrics besides the intro?


Sad But True?


Its definitely "I Dissapear"


It could be Ecstacy of gold. It has a building beat.


If it's after the black album, I wouldn't know it.


lol Split has already stated its not "I Disappear" twice.

And The Ecstasy of Gold has no vocals

Damnit now I want to know what the hell this song is.


Possibly 2 x 4


What are you talking about, he clearly says hey like 7 times.

The first hey comes in at 1:42


In the live version you posted, yes, he says "hey", however in the version which appeared on S&M he does not do this, or if he does, its inaudible.

2 x 4 might indeed be it, as another posted suggested


Then why wouldnt he have included the other lyrics?


Good question. I don't know.


Because us Canadians like to give you guys a hard time



I know Split's avatar is giving me a hard something.


Epic play on words!


My only guess is that it's off the new album, which I for some idiotic reason have. So I will check, then post.


Look at the song I posted. Then look at the words he wrote down.

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