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What Medication for Hypothyroid?

Guys, as some of you know, I’ve tried TRT in various forms and amounts in the past few years. Still having a hard time finding a sex drive and curing my ED.

I’ve run numerous thyroid tests over the past few years (see below) and some have noted that I may be a bit hypo.
My QUESTION is this (as I see my Dr tomorrow and I want to push him for a med for thyroid. Like a trial run to see if I can get a response positively):
WHAT type of medication should I advocate for? Synthroid? Armour"

Here is my last thyroid work from APril 2019:
TSH 1.36 mIU/L (.40-4.50)
Free T4 1.2 ng/dl (.8-1.8)
T3 total 82ng/dl (76-181)

I’ve tested numerous times over the years, and my numbers above are generally what bloods show. I am secondary hypogonadic, so my pituitary isn’t functioning optimally.

The numbers aren’t bad, but I’m at my wits end trying to find something that will show me a little sex drive and perk me up. ALWAYS tired and shitty metabolism. Also very poor sleep.

SO, what should I be pushing for? I also get plenty of selenium and iodine from diet. I need to try something else.

@systemlord ?


If Reverse T3 is <15 Armour is prefered, if Reverse T3 is 15> ng/dL than T3 only medicine. You need to start testing Free T3, T3 is best for diagnosing hyperthyroidism. T3 is an older obsolete lab test, Free T3 is more useful.

@systemlord: here are my labs that include those items. You think I should ask for Armour?

From Nov 2018

TSH 2.93mIU/L (.40-4.50)
Free T4 1.2 ng/dl (.8-1.8)
T3 FREE 2.9pg/ml(2.3-4.2)
REVERSE T3 11ng/dl (8-25

Yes I do think you should go for Armour. Your TSH is all over the place, all the way near 3.0 and recent testing has it 1.36, stange.

I HOPE he will let me at least try it.

From what I read, going off a thyroid medication isn’t as bad as something like TRT. You can rebound fast apparently.

I need to try something here.

This is true, T3+T4 will rebound easier than if only on T3.

You should get the thyroid antibodies checked to see if you have auto immune hashimotoes. A fluctuating TSH can indicate this.


Well good news. Convinced dr to
Prescribe some
Armour thyroid.

He didn’t
Think I needed it but I wanted to
Give it a whirl.

Hope you guys are right that my numbers are low.

Remember sometimes not all thyroid medicines work well for everyone, so just because it may not work doesn’t mean you don’t have problems.

You really have no other road to go down right now, you’ve been struggling too long, it’s time you had a chance to show some benefits.

Thanks. I’m just grateful he’s progressive here.

He also mentioned my GH level which was .04 (0-10)
@systemlord I read apparently lower thyroid hormones affect shbg as well, lowering that. So I would think treating thyroid should bring up shbg a bit.

’ll keep the board posted. Thanks systemlord.

Thyroid medicine usually does increase SHBG.

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