What Maureen REALLY meant to say

 Good-looking female in search of good-looking male. Must love backdoor sex and be a brainiac. Look for me at Maureenstrips4free.com, or call me at 1-433-655-9900. Let's see if we connect, dont be shy!

Good post Diesel. On the darker side, maybe the article could have been named:

Goth-looking narcissictic bitch wondering why she can’t score with intelligent men. (Duh!)

Hint to Maureen: Put you ego aside for a couple of years and let reality sink in. Take responsibility for your current state. Stop thinking of what you can GET and think of what you can RECIPROCATE (value) other than your looks. Stack up your deck in the ‘something interesting to offer’ category. No self-respecting man will ever get hooked up with a bottomless pit of NEEDS. If you’re alone, like the road less traveled, there’s a reason why this is so.

It’s girls like these that got me starting to think that most ego-tripping women should have at least one baby in their life. It just FORCES them to think of somebody other than themselves, 24/7, and they (usually) can’t butt out once the baby enters this world.

Maybe the article’s hidden goal was to give her the feedback other’s don’t have the balls to tell her in real life. Maybe the editor’s wanted to give her a clue.

 I cant speak for all men. I can speak from experience however.

 I will stop dating a girl immdeiately if she:

 -whines about something all the time
 -thinks she's a goddess
 -call names to their sisters/brothers/friends

 I want nothing to do with a bitch who has nothing to do but whine because she's 'all that'.

 Maureen, you're cute - but you are not all that. Im not trying to break your little heart here, but I assume you expected feedback once you decided to post your lil article.

 Trust me on this one - stop whining. Really. We don't care. And we can't stand it.

 I cant vouch for the men you usually fuck. But I can tell you this. I, personally don't hang around once the fucking's done. I am not the man who wants to cuddle and sweet talk a girl for hours afterwards.
 And I think I speak for most men when I say us men in general dont like to hang around and sweet talk a girl after sex. We will do it if she's worth it, but we'd rarther not. 

 Given that you're nothing but a stuck up whiny bitch, Id think the men youve been sleeping are, well... on the soft side? Maybe you should stop trying to date Justin Timberlake.

I wondered if someone else was going to comment on that article…

I am sure Maureen is a really interesting person. However, that’s not the impression she gave me in her essay, IMO, except for the fact she is enthusiastic about sex. Lets face it, sex is amazing and it is powerful. However, when it’s over, it’s nice to have someone there you can talk to, too. Maureen seems to want to prove that women can be just as shallow as men, and just use people for sex. Okay, so what? Is that something to brag about?

I don’t want to rip on her too much, I don’t assume that I know her after reading that article. But if she wants to meet interesting and intelligent men, she needs to be able to offer them those same qualities. I didn’t see that coming through in her article, just narcissism and shallowness. I hope there is a lot more to her than that, in fact I’m sure there is.

Maybe her essay was just her version of “Atomic Dog” in which case I apologize for my comments and offer a heart-felt “hubba hubba”.