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What makes an effective dose?

Say something has an effective dose of 600 mgs a day. Does it mean if you take 500 mgs, it is useless? What makes the 600th mg effective? Doesn’t your body use the 500 mgs although it is below the effective dose?

Also, say it is in 6 caps (100 mgs per cap). Besides stimulants like ephedra of course, say for something like Tribex or Methoxy-7 (assume it’s in caps), would it make a difference if you took 1 cap 6 times a day , 2X3, 3X2 or 6X1?

It depends on the supplement. You dont need 6 doses of ZMA during the day and you’d have a hard time finding 6 semi-fasted states during the day to take it. On the other hand, some fat burners can be good spread out like that. You’ll have to consider each supplement individually.

Eibreh, I meant supplements that don’t have “specific requirements” like ephadra or ZMA.

Supplements that have an effective dose of x mg/lb bodyweight. Something like Tribex or Methoxy-7 would be the best examples.

Any dog pounders care to debate this issue?

Hmmmm tough question. I’d guess that there is a different effect at different one-time-doses for these types of supplements. Methoxy-7 might cause more fat loss and less protein synthesis if spread out. Tribex may stabalize daily test levels instead of raising them. Remember, especially with Methoxy-7 and esters, they last in the system for a while anyway. So, I’d imagine single large doses to have more anabolic effects during the initial uptake. This can make it more effective if used for anabolic purposes. Now, anticatabolic doses might be more evenly spread out. Really you should ask Bill.