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What Makes a Great Pitcher?


Strasburg's start last night got me wondering, what is your all-time lineup plus rotation? And, although I'm an AL guy, let's go no DH. I'll post mine, you post your own and we'll see how many people put barry bonds in LF to help them win a game with their lives on the line. I didn't go that far back because I simply don't believe hitting or pitching was as difficult in 1900 as it is today.

C: Yogi Berra
1B: Albert Pujols
2B: Jeff Kent (Sorry, Jackie)
SS: Alex Rodriguez
3B: Mike Schmidt
LF: Barry Bonds
CF: Willie Mays
RF: Tony Gwynn

SP: Sandy Koufax
SP: Randy Johnson
SP: Roger Clemens
SP: Bob Gibson
SP: Pedro Martinez

CP: Mariano Rivera


i like my pitchers better.


All I know is i want Ty Cobb on my team.


If I ever become stinking rich, I'm going to post several ads on Monster.com for "Bavarian Serving Wench". I figure I'll start with three.


Couldn't we also look at it the other way around and say that hitters weren't as good hence the low ERA ?


Yeah, I'm pretty sure I made a stupid argument. Now that i have been thinking about it, I beleive it is just too hard to compare different generations. But that was definately the genration of low ERAs.


no, the balls were different and doctoring of the ball was allowed


Revised List:
Closers are gay and worthless. Just sayin.

C: Ivan Rodriguez
1B: Frank Thomas (fuck fat albert)
2B: Robinson Cano
SS: Alex Rodriguez
3B: Mike Schmidt
LF: Barry Bonds
CF: Ken Griffey Jr.
RF: Ichiro Suzuki

DH: Pete Rose

SP: Sandy Koufax
SP: Randy Johnson
SP: Nolan Ryan
SP: Greg Maddux
SP: Cy Young (the award is named after him for fucks sake)

Closer(If I HAD to pick one): Mariano Rivera


RF: Ricky
C: Pudge
LF: Bonds - not even close. The only other possibility would be to move a Center Fielder over but I'd still take Bones over Griffey.
SS: A-Rod
1b: Poolhose
CF: Willie
3b: Schmidt - I'm drawing blanks so I'll just take your pick
2b: Kent - Alomar close 2nd (no pun intended)

Pitchers are tough. So many too choose from and so many greats I could easily forget. Hell if I'm going to take anyone I haven't seen, though.

Lincecomb - It's early but the guy is so freaking filthy
Strausburg - speaking of early and speaking of filth, after seeing what I saw on Youtube this morning I gotta take him

Closer? Sure, Mariano sounds good.




I want to punch you in the face so hard right now.

My team would be:

C: Jason Kendall
1B: Darin Erstad
2B: Luis Castillo
SS: David Eckstein
3B: Chone Figgins
LF: Mark DeRosa
CF: Aaron Rowand
RF: Juan Pierre

We would be the scrappiest bunch of scrappers in the history of scrappiness. We would play the game right, do the little things and grit and grind and all that other stuff. And we would lose every game. But newspaper writers would fucking love us.

And I know Juan Pierre is a leftfielder. It would just be hilarious watching him try to throw out a runner going from first to third.


your list sucks


Yah, I totally spaced out there. There aren't many clips of him playing the field lol. His wiki page does say he played OF though.


Yeah, Robinson Cano. When its all said and done, he'll be one of the best 2B to play the game.
That list is terrible. The Orioles are better than that team.




Anyone that doesn't have Babe Ruth on their list doesn't know a damn thing about baseball.

Except jtrinsey because he obviously qualified his list with "they'd lose every game". Although I'd put Shane Victorino in CF over Aaron Rowand.


Tell that to Dennis Eckersley.

His moustache alone is better than anything you'll ever accomplish in your life


Those guys would be a lot of fun to watch at least. I like that style of baseball. But you should throw Manny Ramirez in there somewhere. Not because your team lacks power, but so he can jog around the field saying "What's the big hurry, guys?"


Manny being Manny.

I fucking hated that phrase.



Baseball is not my choice of lifestyle -nttawwt- , but I do wanna help my fellow T-Nationeers so I asked google about a pitcher...